Muzeeka II rehearsal

Muzeeka is a play about American soldiers of the Vietnam War who have television contracts. It serves as a satire of both the war and mainstream American society. Written in 1968, it is one of the most notable of playwright John Guare's early works. This video is a rehearsal of an early production of the play at the Kingston Mines Theater in Chicago.

00:01Copy video clip URL Camera opens on a woman swinging over a bed. A man lies beneath him on the bed. Another man stands behind the bed. A third man monologues to the crowd. A phone rings. The speaking man answers the phone. The man from the bed stands up and talks to the woman on the swing. The woman repeatedly calls the man a “phony.” They remove the swing from the bed. The woman leaves the stage and speaks to someone in the audience. Two men hold up a banner in front of the man from the bed, but because of the camera angle, the banner can’t be read. Cut to black. Music begins playing. 

6:50Copy video clip URL The two men come onstage and hold the banner again. Cut to black. Music continues. Camera opens on a man sitting on the edge of a bed and cleaning his shoes. Another man runs on stage, asking for help. They speak about education. There’s a bang, and both men fall flat briefly. They continue speaking about their lives and opportunities. After another loud noise, they both hide behind the bed. A voice speaks over the loudspeaker; poor audio quality. They continue to talk about life experiences and America. One man speaks about killing in the war. The men get in bed and both speak to themselves.

27:15Copy video clip URL A woman comes onstage. She talks about her husband fighting in the Vietnam War and their children. The woman strips down to her underwear and removes money. She starts a chant. She dances with a man, who begins monologging after the chant. Two men remain sleeping on the bed. Fade to black. 

32:19Copy video clip URL Audience cheers and the cast bows. 

32:52Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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