Muzeeka part 2, camera 1

Muzeeka is a play about American soldiers of the Vietnam War who have television contracts. It serves as a satire of both the war and mainstream American society. Written in 1968, it is one of the most notable of playwright John Guare's early works. This video is the final segment of an early production of the play at the Kingston Mines Theater in Chicago.

00:00Copy video clip URL The first scene of this segment shows Argue lying in a bunk bed, talking with a fellow soldier in Vietnam. They discuss their television contracts with different networks while preparing their war make-up.

03:24Copy video clip URL Tape skips forward. Argue and the other soldier hide underneath their bunk as they hear the sounds of planes overhead. They hope that the war might be ending.

04:24Copy video clip URL Without a transition, Argue and the other soldiers return from war and speak about their actions in the war. Argue says he will really miss the killing. The other soldier offers him a job in his father’s septic-tank-cleaning business.

10:56Copy video clip URL Tape skips forward to later in the scene.

12:08Copy video clip URL Argue’s wife enters the scene and talks about her daughter and her unborn son.

13:38Copy video clip URL The prostitute from earlier in the play walks onstage in front of the bunk bed, covered in money.

14:43Copy video clip URL The soldier talks about “Muzeeka,” the music that Argue makes.

17:08Copy video clip URL End of the play. The actors take their bows.

19:21Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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