My Daddy

This is a short clip of Bill Veeck speaking about his father, whom he affectionately calls "My Daddy." This segment was shot for the documentary "Veeck: A Man for Any Season." Timecode onscreen.

00:18Copy video clip URL Veeck recalls a valuable lesson that his father taught him when he pulled him into the box office at Wrigley Field while the ticket sellers and bankers were counting the money. His father said, “You can’t tell who put that money in the box office, can you? You can’t tell whose money that was.” He goes on to call his father “the nicest man I ever met” and admits that this sentiment is going out of style, but it’s true.

01:55Copy video clip URL Veeck tells another story of how his father was embarrassed by him, because Bill was quoted in the newspaper as using profanity and using other peoples’ words. He claims that he never used profanity from that day forward in his life, and remarks how that’s quite a feat because the ball park is one of the places where profanity is most used.

3:50Copy video clip URL Cut to old clip of Ed Murrow introducing himself.

3:54Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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