[Nancy Cain: Excerpts from Camnet]

Excerpts from CamNet, showing BTS of CamNet, protests against the Visa lottery, and a University hunger strike for a Latino study program.

00:16Copy video clip URL Footage from inside a car as two women head to the Watts Tower Arts Center in LA to meet up with Nancy Cain. Cain gives them all camcorders and tells them to “turn them on and leave them on…keep rolling, I don’t care what the camera’s looking at, just keep rolling.”

01:54Copy video clip URL Panned shot of the name “Martin Luther King Shopping Center.”

02:28Copy video clip URL Another videographer asks Burger King workers about their wages to which they say they’re hungry. One man blames his job and lack of wages on not going to college–“I’m responsible for my own destiny and I screwed it up,” he says.

03:59Copy video clip URL Video of Visa applications being delivered to the state department in Arlington, Virginia. 

04:26Copy video clip URL Footage from two different cameras, each looking at the other videographer. One of the videographers is from Argentina and discusses a tape he wants to send in where “more than 5,000 people in front of the post office… [being] completely crazy…the police were unable to control the situation,” he says. The other comments that a director called it a “push for freedom.”

05:32Copy video clip URL Video footage of this situation is shown with people running towards the post office and trying to get in. People keeping yelling at them to “come on” and telling the staff to “lock the doors.”

07:07Copy video clip URL As footage of people throwing letters at the staff and police is shown, it’s written that: “A total of 19 million letters were received by the Post Office. Of these, 7 million were disqualified because they arrived too early. Letter bins were transferred to a sub-contractor hired by the State Department to process the applications. The sub-contractor went through the bins in the order designated by the Post Office stamps. They went through 500,000 letters to come up with 50,000. Of these, 40,000 were awarded visas. Letters were sent out to notify people to apply for their visas through U.S. Embassies. Both the House and Senate Committees are looking into ways to improve the process. At 29 cents a stamp, the U.S. Post Office grossed $5.51 million from the visa lottery.”

08:53Copy video clip URL Footage at a hunger strike where “students are on the brink or on the verge of probably dying…it’s an issue of race, it’s an issue of political power,” one woman says. Another talks about her brother Joaquin’s involvement and the need for a “Latino…African American and Asian study” programs at the university. 

12:22Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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