[NBC Video Clips (various) for Silver Circle]

Clips of reporting by Carol Marin.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars and tone.

01:09Copy video clip URL Several short clips of Carol Marin and Ron Magers saying goodnight at the end of the WMAQ nightly news broadcast.

02:18Copy video clip URL A brief clip of Jerry Springer reading an editorial, no sound.

02:49Copy video clip URL A news story, narrated by Marin, about the heroin trade, with a particular focus on the Chicago drug empire of Jack Bobo and the Black Souls street gang. Several law enforcement officials are interviewed, and extensive use is made of footage from Thailand.

07:40Copy video clip URL Report from Bangkok about two Chicago women serving life sentences for drug smuggling. Various acquaintances, local law enforcement, Rep. Henry Hyde, and officials from the US Consul are interviewed.

13:10Copy video clip URL Magers and Marin welcome the viewer to the new WMAQ studios.

14:12Copy video clip URL Clip of Marin saying goodbye at the end of her final broadcast. She thanks the various behind-the-scenes workers, as well as Magers and the audience.

16:34Copy video clip URL Marin narrates a story about Jesse Jackson’s leadership of PUSH, the first of a five-night series.

17:07Copy video clip URL WMAQ montage of Marin’s reporting on city politics.

19:50Copy video clip URL Magers and Marin narrate a WMAQ story about a volcanic eruption in Colombia.

20:56Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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