[Nelson Algren demo]

Jeff Spitz's demo for a Nelson Algren documentary featuring excerpts from Algren's books, historical photographs, and interviews with Algren, Ben Curtis, Stuart Brent, and Art Shay.

0:00Copy video clip URL Color bars, slate, count-in.

0:45Copy video clip URL Nelson Algren, 1975. “This is just Chicago… it’s the backyard that never gets attention, because Richard Daley isn’t here and Hugh Hefner isn’t here and Marshall Field isn’t here, just people.” Narrator talks about Algren leaving the city.

1:33Copy video clip URL “I won’t miss it, I won’t miss Chicago.”

2:04Copy video clip URL Algren talks about getting respect for his books, which doesn’t matter, as opposed to getting respect for his life. Ben Curtis, a high school classmate of Algren’s, talks about Algren moving West towards Chicago.

3:30Copy video clip URL Algren reads from one of his books about Chicago.

4:13Copy video clip URL Stuart Brent, Bookseller, talks about loving Algren, and doing work for him out of t his respect. “He was a man utterly unethical. I was a kid, I was being used by him.” Algren reads a clip from “The Man With the Golden Arm.”

7:48Copy video clip URL Art Shay, photojournalist, talks about Algren’s negative feelings towards the film version of “Man.” Algren talks about his own feelings about Preminger’s disdain for the characters.

9:20Copy video clip URL Characters talk about Algren’s affair with “Frenchie,” [Simone de Beauvoir] who eventually went back to France to be with Sartre.

11:30Copy video clip URL Narration about Algren’s importance in Chicago.

12:00Copy video clip URL Quote by Algren and end credits for demo.

12:40Copy video clip URL END



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