[Neville Brothers #1]

Raw tape. First few minutes consist of interview with two of the Neville Brothers, followed by b-roll at concert, then actual concert footage. The band is touring in support of their new album, "Fiyo on the Bayou."

0:00Copy video clip URL Color bars with chatting.

0:13Copy video clip URL Cameraman adjusts positioning.

0:30Copy video clip URL Interview starts. Tom Weinberg interviews Neville Brothers (2 – I think one is Aaron). They talk about the resurgence of New Orleans style music after the disco craze ended.

1:40Copy video clip URL The Neville Brothers talk about their new album, which is the second album they have recorded together.

3:25Copy video clip URL Fireworks erupting outside in the dark. It sounds like we are at a large gathering.

4:12Copy video clip URL People dressed as Native American chiefs dance. They appear to actually be African Americans. The costumes are full of jewels and pink and purple feathers – very tacky and 70s-Elvis style.

4:50Copy video clip URL Backstage? The People in Indian costumes appear to be dancers for the band.

5:55Copy video clip URL The costumed individuals go on stage and dance. We are shooting from backstage, so it is hard to tell what is going on.

10:55Copy video clip URL We cut to a position facing the stage. The “Native Americans” keep on dancing and the music continues. They sing “Iko Iko.”

14:25Copy video clip URL Tape ends abruptly.



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