New Dance

Compilation tape of various dance pieces produced by Skip Blumberg in 1986.

0:00Copy video clip URL Nine Person Precision Ball Passing. Nine people, arranged in a square, rhythmically pass balls. Hypnotic.

8:19Copy video clip URL Michael Moschen solos.

8:36Copy video clip URL Light. Moschen dances with a glass ball, making it appear to be floating.

12:49Copy video clip URL Sticks. Moschen does various dances with metal poles that reflect light.

22:05Copy video clip URL Fire. Moschen moves torches in dark room.

24:29Copy video clip URL Towards a Minimal Choreography. To create this piece, a man wearing roller skates is pushed in a straight line across the room. He is shot making this movement at different distances and in different directions. Using these shots, the video shows this man moving around the room. However, the movement is caused by the editing of the shots, not by any “real” movement.



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