[The 90’s raw: New Orleans #1]

This is a video by Judith Binder of New Orleans for the award-winning series, The 90's. The first 20 minutes or so shows the city and various sites and attractions and the rest of the video shows a set by Marcia Ball, a New Orleans singer.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on highway and pull off the road to Daiquiris, a drive through daiquiri shop.

1:40Copy video clip URL Shots of the streets of New Orleans. Move inside to an oyster restaurant.

4:00Copy video clip URL Move back to the New Orleans street with a shot of Lucky Dog’s and then more shots of New Orleans streets, restaurants, and landmarks, including Pat O’Brien’s, which they enter and begin listening to a live piano performance.

6:22Copy video clip URL Return to the street where they get shots of a live band using a washboard and a guitar. They switch to singing blues because “they are from Chicago.” The man playing washboard switches to harmonica. A woman with an upright bass comes to join them.

13:14Copy video clip URL Camera moves to the waterfront and a brief shot of a saxophonist. Switch to a mule drawn trolley tour of New Orleans. Pass by Jack’s Brewery, the largest aquarium in the United States, the Hard Rock Cafe, the Johnny Po’Boys, Bourbon Street, and the House of Voodoo.

19:23Copy video clip URL Camera moves to see Marcia Ball at the Maple Leaf Bar. She performs on camera for quite some time. Her performance lasts the rest of the video. She goes through several different songs with no significant break.

1:29:23Copy video clip URL Marcia Ball finishes singing and starts talking with Judith Binder, the videomaker, who is taping this for The 90’s.

1:31:04Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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