[The 90’s raw: New Orleans #2]

Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90's. This video starts with a tour of the bayou near Thibodaux, Louisiana and then continues with the videomaker, Judith Binder, talking to several of the residents therein.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on railroad tracks, presumably in New Orleans, and several cars passing through them.

1:24Copy video clip URL Switch to shots of a highway through a car window.

1:48Copy video clip URL Shot of a trailer with the sign “Tourist Information.” This seems to be the office for a swamp tour service that the videomaker and her friends are taking later that day.

5:55Copy video clip URL They visit a picturesque cemetery made entirely of monuments.

07:12Copy video clip URL Return to the swamp tours.

10:59Copy video clip URL The swamp tour begins and there is ample footage of the Louisiana bayou. This includes quite a few shots of great blue herons as well as alligators.

33:08Copy video clip URL Swamp tour stops and shots are taken of scenery and a building. They visit the city council room and speak with a few different people. She interviews the sheriff. They talk about what makes a Cajun and he gives the Binder a scenic tour of the town. This continues for quite some time and is covers mainly local politics. They are in the town of Thibodaux in Lafourche Parish. She talks with several natives.

1:20:08Copy video clip URL They go to a house with a hog/pig sale.

1:23:45Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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