New York Dems

New York on Sunday: Woman hatin (Anthony Brocca), At the hall (Gary Smith), Illinois party, Pete Seeger at the Village Gate. Tom Weinberg explores New York during the 1992 Democratic National Convention.

00:01Copy video clip URL Two men discusses the changing relationship between men and women in the 1990s while drinking in a bar in New York: “all they were doing was acting instinctively. They grabbed them by the hair. They threw them into the cave, and that’s how you dealt with them.”

01:42Copy video clip URL “A woman should just be a woman a pretty submissive thing. Not, I’m going to challenge the world because I’m a woman in the nineties.”

04:35Copy video clip URL Man stands outside the democratic national convention advocating for capital punishment saying, “god has given the right of capital punishment to government.”

05:11Copy video clip URL Bill Stamets takes photographs as people walk into the national convention. He discusses a video artist who cannot get into the democratic national convention to see his own art. He also discusses an upcoming Robert Downey Jr. film.

06:15Copy video clip URL Skip Blumberg smells his press pass for the 1992 national convention saying, “it smells like money.”

06:45Copy video clip URL Security searches Tom Weinberg’s bag.

06:55Copy video clip URL Weinberg approaches a security officer with a guard dog. Weinberg inquires about the dog’s name but the officer will not respond.

07:21Copy video clip URL Officers and security dogs check the marching bands equipment for contraband. Weinberg Jokes, “there’s a bone in there”

09:45Copy video clip URL Weinberg practices digital voting.

11:44Copy video clip URL Weinberg interviews an ABC employee about the video equipment strapped to a piece of metal on his back.

14:20Copy video clip URL Weinberg asks a news reporter, “where is MBC?” The new reporter replies, “Korea.”

15:25Copy video clip URL News reporter does several takes of an introduction of his coverage of the convention.

17:00Copy video clip URL Show producer prepares for the convention to start.

20:36Copy video clip URL Shot of network logos.

22:00Copy video clip URL Producer Gary Smith and the marching band work out several technical problems before the convention. At first, the band plays too loud for recording. They also struggle playing in time with the track.

25:01Copy video clip URL Band director: “okay band now you’re inside and it’s great acoustics so now you’ve got to lighten up the sound.”

26:35Copy video clip URL Smith: “Art, can you move closer to the band a little bit please?” Band director: “it was much better. Bass drums are hitting too hard. Tubas are hitting to hard. It got a little off on the bridge and that’s our problem.”

35:00Copy video clip URL Members of the press go up escalator.

25:40Copy video clip URL Advertisement for television show Sesame Street featuring big bird.

36:02Copy video clip URL Carpenter screws a United States flag to a piece of board.

36:45Copy video clip URL Shot of police vehicle with sirens on. Officer: “Go through the light”

37:09Copy video clip URL Shot of medieval armor Weinberg jokes, “this is the first Illinois delegate.”

37:52Copy video clip URL Shot of Augustus Saint-Gaudens “Diana” as a man tells the backstory of the sculpture saying, “that was the girl that he was in love with. Harry Thaw married her and shot Stanford White of this woman right here.”

39:48Copy video clip URL Bill Luers speaks to the crowd at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York saying, “We New Yorkers welcome you to this city. This is a city that has spirit, it has cultural diversity, it has strength.”

41:40Copy video clip URL The Mayor of Chicago Richard M. Daley speaks to the crowd.

43:50Copy video clip URL Artist sketches the crowd at the fundraiser.

46:48Copy video clip URL Weinberg interviews man about his upcoming trip to Paris.

46:52Copy video clip URL Media interviews Carol Mosley-Braun.

49:25Copy video clip URL Congressman Ted Weiss speaks to the crowd about the destructive nature of the current administrations: “We have the urgency of terminating twelve years of the most destructive rule in America’s history.”

52:55Copy video clip URL Pete Seeger plays “The Ross Perot Guide to Answering Embarrassing Questions.”

56:16Copy video clip URL Randy Harris plays “Keep Your Eyes on the Prize (Hold On).”

1:01:14Copy video clip URL Shot of crowd at the Democratic National Convention.

1:03:02Copy video clip URL End video.

1:03:47Copy video clip URL End tape.



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