New York, New York, Part 2

This video aired on a New York TV program called "Perception." It was recorded in the early seventies and is a lush cityscape that gives the viewer a glimpse into daily life in New York City.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with a blue screen.

00:26Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of a large gathering in Central Park. People are sprawled throughout the entire area, leaving little room for people to make their way around. The videomaker continues to gather footage of the many performers and attendees.

02:50Copy video clip URL A cat rides a tricycle. No further description necessary.

03:25Copy video clip URL We continue to watch more footage from the event. The park is flooded with people in every direction. A group of attendees perform a few musical numbers with one another. This lasts for several minutes.

12:28Copy video clip URL Back aboard the train, two elderly women sit next to each other reading the newspaper.

13:40Copy video clip URL Cut to stock footage from the Vietnam War. A narrator describes the scene as American fighters withdrawing from a battle.

14:05Copy video clip URL Andrew Mc Gouy says a few words about his effort to raise one billion dollars for the creation of a global video brain that could put AT&T, IBM, and Wall Street out of business. He also comments on the youth of America looking to other countries for solutions to the country’s economic and social problems.

16:28Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of a U.S. Army Building in New York. This is followed by more footage from the city streets.

17:00Copy video clip URL Cut to footage from a protest rally being held outside of the Western Union building. One of the videomakers speaks with a man about the rally. This is followed by footage of the streets. Residents scatter throughout the area during the midday rush.

19:02Copy video clip URL One of the videomakers asks a trader from the NYSE how long he thinks the stock exchange will last. Initially, the man is a little taken aback, but quickly cites his reasons for supporting the capitalist economic system. “I think it’s the best kind of marketplace that there is. A central market place is very important. If there weren’t–if there were fragmented markets all over the world, well nobody could ever buy or sell anything.”

20:01Copy video clip URL While aboard a ferry, the videomaker gathers footage of the New York City skyline from afar. The ferry slowly makes it’s way out into the open water to reveal a grainy, but relatively clear skyline. The World Trade Center Towers are also in the shot.

24:57Copy video clip URL Cut to the end credits.

26:10Copy video clip URL Cut to a short piece on the Siegel Video Systems Processing Chrominance Synthesizer. Siegel himself gives a short description of the product. This lasts for the duration of the video.

29:00Copy video clip URL Tape ends.


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