[New York to San Francisco First Day 3]

An interviewer speaks to passersby on 8th Street in New York City about New York and about their lives, and asks if they have any messages to deliver to San Francisco.

00:03Copy video clip URL Taping on a sidewalk, zooming in to a television set, and then panning across the small crowd that has gathered. Some image distortion. Conversation about visiting San Francisco. 

00:48Copy video clip URL Interview with a man from Kentucky about his visit to New York: “Well, I haven’t found the charm here that I have found in London or Paris but there’s a charm about the Village, of course. Uh, I dunno, what do you say? How do you try to wrap it up in a short time. You can’t do it, it’s so large.”

02:52Copy video clip URL A shy couple from New Jersey talk about coming into New York almost every day because “nothing ever happens” in New Jersey. 

03:45Copy video clip URL A young man from Red Hook mugs for the camera and watches himself on the TV monitor. His message for San Francisco: “What’s happenin’, man?”

04:20Copy video clip URL A long-haired man with a beard says hello to Bill Brand. He’s just arrived in New York for a musical.

05:40Copy video clip URL A little girl from Hastings, NY talks about her visit to New York: ” I think most of the buildings are the highest things I’ve ever seen!”

07:16Copy video clip URL A New York native tells the video makers that they should not be on 8th St. if they want to talk to actual New Yorkers. He muses on the nature of New York and talks about wanting to figure out how to live while being a writer. 

09:58Copy video clip URL Another New York native, wearing a business suit and sunglasses talks about the city as “a nice place to visit” with a large number of disadvantages. His message to San Francisco about New York: “Stay there.” 

10:57Copy video clip URL A young man from Flushing talks about New York as “a natural high” that’s dying every day because of rising prices and housing shortages: “I hope San Francisco is doing a better job of staying good than New York is.”

12:21Copy video clip URL A gruff young man from Long Island talks about how much he dislikes New York as a photographer takes pictures of the video camera. 

13:36Copy video clip URL A conversation with a teenager that’s largely inaudible. He talks about Berkeley as “the wave of the future.” Several more mostly inaudible conversations as the video makers’ collaborators play music that drowns them out. People stop to look at themselves on the TV, including a very young girl who is enraptured by seeing herself and her mom onscreen: “That’s my mom!”

21:20Copy video clip URL No video. Audio conversations about New York and Jersey. 

21:50Copy video clip URL Playing music on the sidewalk. 

23:50Copy video clip URL A flamboyant middle-aged woman addresses the camera: “Don’t miss me! I’m the main attraction here! What, are we gonna be on television? What program is this?” More music and inaudible conversations. 

28:30Copy video clip URL A passerby sends his greetings to San Francisco: “Rock and Roll!” And says hello to Myra and Ethel. More music and inaudible conversations. 





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