[New York to San Francisco Second Day 2]

Raw footage recorded on the streets of New York as a "Message" to be delivered to San Francisco.

00:00Copy video clip URL The interviewer Ken is in the middle of a conversation with a young man in a tie and sunglasses about New York. The camera roams around the crowd as a harmonica plays. After saying that New York “is a nice place to visit” he shrugs at Ken’s subsequent questions about messages for San Francisco. 

00:45Copy video clip URL A blond young man leans into the microphone to deliver a harsh message to his deadbeat father who’s living on Howard St. in San Francisco.  “You’ve got some karma to work off, simple as that.” He then tells the interviewer that his own life is okay and that he’s “doing some astrology, thanking my lucky stars etc.”

01:45Copy video clip URL A man with a bandana and a tambourine says that he’s been a drug addict for 15 years, and that he can survive in New York but can’t do it in San Francisco. 

02:35Copy video clip URL Another member of the crowd, who’s been jokingly holding up an “In God We Trust” dollar bill sign, talks to Ken about the video project: “All y’all in San Francisco come and pick us up and let us get out of this smoky place.”

04:01Copy video clip URL A white street vendor talks to Ken about his job when a man who says his name is “Now” walks by and joins the conversation: “If you’re sending a message to San Francisco, San Francisco will know you’re sending a message to San Francisco and there won’t be no need to send it.” Now then walks off. Another bystander then delivers his own message to a friend named Chico, who he hopes is having a good time. He then follows that by saying “Chico, you better be hip enough to listen to this program” to which someone responds: “If he’s living in California he can’t be that hip.” 

05:32Copy video clip URL The vendor complains about “the pigs” who keep messing with him trying to make a living. “The only place you can peddle in New York City is the middle of the Hudson River!”

08:30Copy video clip URL A thin white woman poses her dog in the face hole of the “In God We Trust” sign and then says they should change it to read “In Dogs We Trust.” She then talks to Ken about her work as a dancer in New and California.

10:02Copy video clip URL An older woman from Phoenix delivers a brief friendly, enthusiastic message for San Francisco. Ken wanders among the crowd finding people to talk to. He finds a dye maker who he talks to about the city. 

12:27Copy video clip URL A man in sunglasses says hello to his brother in San Francisco. Ken tells him about the upcoming screening at the Pacific Film Archive. 

13:32Copy video clip URL A white man with a mustache talks with Ken about how much his friends in San Francisco like it there.  He then talks about the changes for the worse that New York has undergone recently. 

16:14Copy video clip URL An older black man delivers a brief message of enthusiasm for Mayor Lindsay and leaves. A young, balding white man named Joe Shea delivers a series of very specific message for each of his friends in San Francisco.

18:19Copy video clip URL A stylish young black woman talks about her research in black theater.

20:05Copy video clip URL A young woman shows Ken a postcard that jokes about men exposing themselves to women on the subway. She says that it’s accurate. A bearded man with long hair delivers a message about the “slave labor” practice of welfare in New York while holding the “In God We Trust” sign around his face. 

22:15Copy video clip URL A young black man in a “U.S. Army” shirt talks about the problems in New York. He’s recently returned from Vietnam and has been going to college but has been having difficulties. He asks Ken what he thinks of New York and the two of them talk about the city and about Harlem more specifically. 

24:35Copy video clip URL A well-dressed older white man who says that he’s from Connecticut but is “a New Yorker by exposure” says that he “knows that many across the nation are talking about a mythical thing called brotherhood.” He speaks at length about various organizations that are raising money to promote brotherhood, supposedly following the lead of Connecticut. 

32:17Copy video clip URL A quiet but very tall man mumbles in response to Ken’s questions. An older white man starts talking into the mic but is cut off by the end of the tape before it’s clear what he’s speaking about.



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