[New York to San Francisco Second Day 3]

An interviewer speaks to people in the crowd that has gathered around a musician playing his guitar on the sidewalk, asking for messages to people in San Francisco and chatting with them about New York.

00:09Copy video clip URL People are gathered on a sidewalk outside a storefront with a handwritten sign reading “New York Peoples Video Theatre. Topic Today. Message to San Francisco.” A man is seated on the ground playing “Wild Horses” on his guitar. A TV set is outside connected to a handheld camera trained on the crowd.

02:05Copy video clip URL An interviewer asks people in the crowd if they have “anything to say to San Francisco” and chats with them about the musician. The camera moves over the crowd from a high angle. He explains that they are “making a message for San Francisco” that will be shown at a video tape festival there.

03:24Copy video clip URL A young woman explains that most of her friends have moved to San Francisco and she hopes to move there when she gets the money together. She talks about the Cockettes, who will be coming to New York soon, and says “hello” to Hibiscus and to her friend Adrian and expresses a desire to see a return to elegance and a democratization of art and culture. 

05:55Copy video clip URL The musician plays a cover of “All Along the Watchtower” accompanied by a few bystanders with tambourines and drumsticks.

07:03Copy video clip URL A young woman says that she hates New York and would love to visit San Francisco. The interviewer chats with her and her male friend about the still cameras they’re both carrying and about New York. 

10:24Copy video clip URL Two young women from Seattle chat with the interviewer about New York. They say that the people are much nicer than she had expected. 

12:10Copy video clip URL A man from Israel says that he’s come to New York to study.

13:56Copy video clip URL The interviewer talks with a man of Caribbean descent about his life and work as a musician. 

16:20Copy video clip URL The interviewer talks with a handful of bystanders about New York. One mother points out to her young children that they’re on the television. 

19:26Copy video clip URL Two young black women awkwardly try to avoid speaking to the camera. An old man who seems to be holding a bottle in a brown paper bag steps up next to them and mugs for the camera while trying to put his arms around one of the women. The camera moves around the crowd while the interviewer keeps talking to bystanders, including one who spends a Spanish-language message to San Francisco and a man named Jed from Texas. 

22:58Copy video clip URL An Israeli artist and dancer says that “the only way to get together is to work.” Another passerby delivers a message for a friend in Long Beach, CA.

24:45Copy video clip URL A black man offers a message for San Franciso: “Fuck it…. Fuck the Establishment.”

26:11Copy video clip URL A very tall Haitian man makes small talk with the interviewer. The interviewer tries to talk to a man who doesn’t speak much English.

27:45Copy video clip URL A long-haired, bearded vendor who’s selling “Cosmic Heroes” made of fruit and vegetables on the street shows off his sandwiches for the camera. 

29:59Copy video clip URL A young woman with large glasses says she wants some of San Francisco to come to New York and then makes small talk and goofs around with the interviewer using a mask of Mayor Lindsay. 



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