Newshour: Asian Carp

PBS Newshour segment about Silver and Bighead Carp invading American rivers. Looks at effects and prevention strategies, as well as those who have used the invasive species to their advantage.

0:16Copy video clip URL Tim Scott shows the camera a Channel catfish he caught. He explains that these fish and others are becoming rarer due to the increase of Asian Carp. Interspersed with voice-over from Brackett providing further details.

0:52Copy video clip URL Scott introduces the Silver Carp, dangerous for its tendency to jump out of the water. Footage of the fish in action, and Scott shows one to the camera. Scott then catches a Bighead Carp, the second invasive species. This fish messes with the food chain by eating large amounts of plankton, usually a food source for much smaller fish.

2:24Copy video clip URL The boat passes two other fishermen, and Scott asks them what they’re fishing for. The fishermen comment on the growing populations of Asian Carp over the past year.

2:50Copy video clip URL Brackett gives a brief history of the Silver and Bighead Carp in America. Mike Conlin talks about how the fish were able to thrive in the Mississippi River and elsewhere, and the fears of the fish spreading to the Great Lakes.

4:21Copy video clip URL Installation of an electronic fish barrier to try and combat the carp’s proliferation. Chuck Shea explains how they work. Discussions of issues with the electronic barrier, including lighting flammable cargo on fire.

5:24Copy video clip URL Creation of a new market for the invasive carp; another method of slowing/stopping their spread. Orion Briney comments on the lucrative nature of the carp market, and shows the camera how they catch so many. Mike Schafer talks about the various uses of carp.

7:55Copy video clip URL Asian Carp are beginning to die-off. Wayne Herndon discusses how many fish were found and the possibility of it being the fault of a virus. Eric Leis shares his concerns about the virus spreading to other fish. Briney shares his worries about the carp dying off at the expense of his business.



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