Newshour: CHA—Ida B. Wells

A segment detailing the new public housing renewal program in Chicago. Touches upon its benefits, and the problems it poses for illegal residents of the Chicago Housing Authority.

0:16Copy video clip URL Opens on Melody, a 41 year old woman who may soon lose her only housing. Voice-over explains the possible demolition residents and squatters in the Ida B. Wells Housing Development, among others, face due to the public housing renewal plan.

1:07Copy video clip URL Elizabeth Brackett interviews Melody about her experiences and what the toughest aspects are. She was college educated, but suffers from addiction and prefers squatting to a homeless shelter. “This is a little bit more private. It seems horrible, but it’s private.”

1:50Copy video clip URL Brackett elaborates on the issues facing squatters: “the replacement housing being built is only intended for those who are now living in CHA housing legally.” The segment touches upon Melody’s goal of turning her life around before demolition happens.

3:00Copy video clip URL Talks about what other residents will be effected by the housing plan, and interviews a few of them. “The federal funding which is responsible for public housing renewal plans… specifically forbids using any of its money to provide for those not holding legitimate leases.” Mary Cunningham shares her opinions on the issue.

5:30Copy video clip URL Terry Peterson, CHA CEO, talks about plans for transitional housing, his opinions on amnesty for lease violators, and the new face of public housing.

6:20Copy video clip URL Footage of apartment buildings being demolished. Brackett gives more details on the renewal program. Peterson talks about changing the negative opinions of public housing through mixed income buildings. Segment profiles the Jasper family.

9:18Copy video clip URL End



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