Newshour: Chicago Public Housing Falls

Report on the demolition of public housing high rises around the city of Chicago, the effects of the project on public housing residents, and the city's plans for mixed-income housing.

0:09Copy video clip URL Opens with footage of Chicago public housing, and the tearing down of several public housing buildings. Elizabeth Brackett talks about Chicago’s dedication to getting rid of public housing. Residents of public housing share their positive feelings toward these changes.

0:59Copy video clip URL Brackett gives statistics on the project, and notes the irony of Richard M Daley’s plans to tear down public housing. Daley explains what his father’s vision for public housing was, and how the federal government mandated that high rises be built in place of family-style housing.

1:33Copy video clip URL Problems with concentrating poor families in high rises. Author Susan Popkin shares some of the more serious issues.

2:13Copy video clip URL Debate over what should replace public housing high rises, and what types of people should live in the replacements. Terry Peterson introduces the idea of mixed-income housing. Brackett gives further details.

2:55Copy video clip URL Brief profile of Marsha Crosby, a former Cabrini–Green resident who now lives in mixed income housing. She talks about how proud she is of her new home, and how the violence prevalent in Cabrini–Green changed her son. Crosby’s neighbor, Susan Fox, shares her initial reservations with moving in to the complex.

5:32Copy video clip URL Brackett talks about the city’s investments in the area.

5:57Copy video clip URL Earnest Gates discusses some of the issues in relocating public housing residents.

6:44Copy video clip URL Brackett questions whether there will be enough housing ready for those residents who are still living in the high rises. Peterson insists that lack of housing will not be an issue. Richard Wheelock argues that may not be true.

7:56Copy video clip URL Juanita Williams, a Cabrini–Green resident, shares her concerns about not having a place to live after the building’s demolition. Brackett explains that, since Williams lives in Cabrini, she has a better chance of getting replacement housing.

8:38Copy video clip URL Wheelock talks about the lawsuit he filed on behalf of Cabrini–Green residents in order to add some security to their rocky future with public housing.

9:25Copy video clip URL More issues with demolishing current buildings before new housing is built. Rene Maxwell gives his opinions on the issue.

10:00Copy video clip URL Information on the Gatreaux Case, which complicates the public housing issue due to its requirement that a racial and economic mix be possible before building replacement housing on CHA land. Mayor Daley says a few words on the issue.

10:52Copy video clip URL Brackett closes out the segment.



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