Newshour: Kosovo refugees

News segment detailing Kosovo refugees' trip to America, the process they undergo upon arrival, and personal stories of survival.

0:00Copy video clip URL Newshour opening title. Jim Lehrer introduces the upcoming segments.

0:23Copy video clip URL Elizabeth Brackett’s report on Kosovo refugees opens with shots of refugee children playing outside. Report talks about the resilience of the children upon arriving to America.

0:42Copy video clip URL Capt. Seth Gladstone speaks about the recovery process for children as compared to the recovery process for adults. “The adults… you just see it on their faces. I think for them it’s going to be longer and harder.”

0:55Copy video clip URL Voice-over from Brackett talks about the first plane of refugees to arrive in America, and introduces Roger Winter. Winter talks about the trip to America. Hillary Clinton gives a welcome speech to the refugees.

2:07Copy video clip URL Albert Kasumaj, a student, shares his experience of being forced to leave his home. Brackett talks more about Kasumaj’s family.

3:05Copy video clip URL Segment moves on to a baby who was born in America to two refugees; he is automatically an American citizen. Dr. Michael Snyder, the doctor who delivered the baby, shares news about the baby’s good health.

3:41Copy video clip URL Brackett gives more details about the fate of the refugees: they will stay at Fort Dix for 2-6 more weeks then be resettled. Information about citizens who have reached out to sponsor refugee families.

4:02Copy video clip URL Ana Menetaj asks to sponsor a family, and Winter explains why that is not possible at this stage of the process. Shefkije Ferataj, Menetaj’s sister, shares her horrific experiences and how her sister came to find her. Further details on Menetaj’s past work with refugees, including more family members.

8:19Copy video clip URL Covers Ferataj and her daughter’s experience with American culture.

8:44Copy video clip URL Kasumaj shares many refugees’ desires to return to their countries.

9:16Copy video clip URL Closing title



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