Newshour: Nuclear Waste


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Segment covering concerns about the possibility of a new nuclear reactor being built in Clinton, IL, as well as safety issues surrounding the disposal of nuclear waste.

0:10Copy video clip URL Opens with brief profile of the Clinton, IL nuclear reactor. The site is applying for a permit to begin building a new reactor. Ms. Cray, VP of product development for Exelon talks about the necessity of preemptive planning.

1:08Copy video clip URL Steve Vandiver, Clinton’s Director of Economic Development, talks about the benefits of a new reactor in Clinton.

1:40Copy video clip URL Segment moves to opponents of a new nuclear reactor being built. Talks to Sandra Lindberg and her group “No New Nukes” about their concerns.

2:38Copy video clip URL Cray talks about the issue of nuclear waste, and its status as a issue even within the industry. Preston Swafford asserts the safety of dry cask waste storage facilities.

4:14Copy video clip URL “It’s not that I am anti-nuclear, because I am pro-nuclear but pro-safety.” Oscar Shirani talks about design problems he found with the dry casks and Exelon’s responses.

7:46Copy video clip URL Jan Strasma attests to the NRC’s full investigation done on dry casks. Details of Shirani’s firing and appeal.

9:45Copy video clip URL End



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