Newshour: O’Hare reacts to 9/11


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Brief news clip of O'Hare Airport's recovery from complete shut down after 9/11.

0:15Copy video clip URL Opens with footage of a crowded terminal at O’Hare Airport. Elizabeth Brackett explains that the crowd is a mix of passengers whose flights were cancelled during the shut down as well as those who were scheduled to fly that day. Raymond Schmidt, a passenger, talks about how the cancellations have affected his job.

0:44Copy video clip URL Heightened security measures. Wayne Marshall, a frequent traveler, talks about not being able to use an e-ticket. A mother seeing her daughter off also comments on the heightened security.┬áBob Wasser compares O’Hare’s security to an airport in Copenhagen.

2:05Copy video clip URL Joe Schwieterman comments on the changing times in airport security.

2:27Copy video clip URL Brackett discloses that airlines will cut their schedules by 20% in response to 9/11. More flight statistics. Schwieterman explains that recovery from a complete shut down takes time.



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