[Self Defense Class – Nidhamu Sasa School]

Footage of a self defense class for children taught at Philadelphia's Nidhamu Sasa School.

00:12Copy video clip URL Children lining up outside, with the guidance of an adult teacher. He and a student at the front of the group direct them to shake their arms and to then do a series of  stretches.

06:00Copy video clip URL The children begin practicing self-defense moves, focusing on form as they punch in time with their student leader’s commands. The teacher offers advice and then offers different instructions for different groups. 

09:35Copy video clip URL The adult leads a spirited session of practice punches, followed by advice. 

11:08Copy video clip URL The children practice kicking, with the adult emphasizing the need to look into the eyes of their opponents.

20:18Copy video clip URL The children compete, attacking and defending each other one-on-one, with close guidance from their teacher. 




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