Night School

This is a partial recording of a production of "Night School" done by the Fox Trails Theatre Company in Cary, IL. It was the company's opening production, running from June 20 to July 15, 1973. "Night School" is an early work by Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter, written in 1960, and it is one of his lesser known plays.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tape begins and sound is heard, but the video is damaged.

00:50Copy video clip URL Opening scene. The play begins with three characters: Walter, who has just been released from a 9-month stint in prison and returned to his aunts’ home, and his two elderly aunts.

06:45Copy video clip URL The aunts reveal that they’ve rented out Walter’s room to a school teacher named Sally. Walter will have to stay in the living room since they refuse to kick her out of the room, and he is extremely unhappy about it.

12:48Copy video clip URL Walter goes into his former room and meets Sally. He is very confrontational with her, but leaves when he finds something interesting under her bed.

16:08Copy video clip URL The scene opens in the living room, where Walter’s aunts are hosting a guest, Mr. Soto. Walter sulks in the corner while Mr. Soto tells his stories to the old women. They ask the man to lend Walter some money, but he refuses to do him the favor. Walter has decided to give up his life of crime because he’s not very good at it, which is why he keeps getting caught.

22:22Copy video clip URL Walter shows Mr. Soto the photo she found underneath Sally’s bed. It shows a hostess in a club – he wants Mr. Soto to help him find the girl in the photo.

23:51Copy video clip URL The aunts chat while on their way to bed. They overhear Walter paying a visit to Sally’s room to offer her a drink, and try to eavesdrop on the conversation. In an attempt to impress her, Walter pretends that he went to prison for armed robbery instead of forgery.

32:56Copy video clip URL The tape ends mid-scene.



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