[Nightlife in Chicago 1948]

See what the nightlife scene in downtown Chicago was like in 1948 - in spectacular technicolor!

0:01Copy video clip URL The classic MGM logo appears.

0:08Copy video clip URL The title card for the program appears. 

0:27Copy video clip URL Neon signs and cars in downtown Chicago are shown. 

1:04Copy video clip URL Spanish-style cape dancing performed at the “Walnut Room” at the famous Bismarck Hotel is shown.

1:37Copy video clip URL The then-Mayor of Chicago is seen at the “Walnut Room”. 

1:40Copy video clip URL Colonel Robert McCormick (USA, FA, RET.) is seen at the “Walnut Room”. 

1:43Copy video clip URL Brigadier General Charles Dawes (USA, EN, RET.) is seen at the “Walnut Room”. 

2:12Copy video clip URL The “Chicago Theater” is shown. 

2:18Copy video clip URL The “Don the Beachcomber” Tiki Bar is shown.

2:25Copy video clip URL A dance performance at the famous “Chez Paree” nightclub is shown.

3:23Copy video clip URL The Wrigley Building is shown at night.

3:26Copy video clip URL The restaurant of the “Ambassador Hotel” is shown.

4:48Copy video clip URL The owner of the restaurant is shown in classical costume. 

5:25Copy video clip URL A dance performance at the Edgewater Beach Hotel is shown.

8:09Copy video clip URL Footage of couples slow dancing at various clubs in Chicago are shown. 



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