No Traffic (Part 2 of 2)

Performance artists stage an action called "No Traffic" in the middle of a construction site in Montreal and are arrested. Footage continues from tape 15280.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage continues from tape 15280: a street performance called No Traffic. Construction workers and passersby stare at the actors. The videographer asks a construction worker what he thinks of the performance. The man says he doesn’t know what’s happening. The videographer continues shooting b-roll of a guitarist, the actors, the onlookers. Erratic photography as he finds his shot. The tape rolls.

01:39Copy video clip URL An older man smiles and waves from a nearby window. Footage of the onlookers and of the construction workers trying to work. An earth mover enters and dumps dirt into the hole where the performers had been performing. One of the female actors jumps on the earth mover and yells at the driver because he’s endangering the actors. The others actors keep performing. The construction workers keep working, attempting to fill the hole.

05:00Copy video clip URL Police officers arrive and assess the scene. B-roll of construction workers pounding the ground. Onlookers watch. The police offers are dispersing the actors. The videographer asks a police officer if the actors are being arrested. “Yes. Disturbing the peace.” The videographer asks, “What were they doing to disturb the peace?” He records the actors in the police car. The police continue arresting the actors one by one. Someone tells the videographer he can’t record. The tape rolls on erratically. “Montreal” is printed on the police car.

09:47Copy video clip URL The shot holds on the interior of a police car, the front seat. The camera still runs but the operator has set down the camera. A police officer gets in, sits next to the camera, and drives off. The unseen videographer asks, “Where are we going?” The tape rolls in the unmanned camera, pointed at the leg of the police officer and the steering wheel.

15:18Copy video clip URL The police car stops. The officer gets out. He pulls out the camera, still rolling, capturing erratic footage. The camera is carried into a police precinct, and set down. Black screen. No one realizes the camera is still on and rolling tape. Voices are heard in the background, but indiscernible.

23:40Copy video clip URL END



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