[None of the Above raw #1]

This tape features raw footage for the documentary "None of the Above," an in depth look at non-voters during the 1996 election. In this tape, we watch as a number of Republican candidates campaign throughout Iowa during the primary season. Bob Dole, Pat Buchanan, Steve Forbes, and Lamar Alexander are all included in this footage.

00:00Copy video clip URL The video begins with a shot of a cameraman walking towards a barn on a damp and muddy road. Presidential hopeful Bob Dole holds a press conference at that barn later in the day.

00:15Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of a Dole supporter inside of the barn. We watch as campaign staffers make the final touches on the setup for the press conference.

01:20Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of a number of Dole supporters at the Dole rally. The sound cuts out for a few minutes as the supporters go over a Bob Dole presidential chant. Others are seen filing in to the the rally.

03:07Copy video clip URL The sound cuts back in. We watch as the cameraman gathers footage from around the event before Senator Dole’s arrival.

05:23Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of a group of young Dole supporters shouting their Presidential chant. A campaign staffer desperately tries to establish order at the rally, clearing a pathway for Dole while going over the logistics of his arrival.

08:02Copy video clip URL Senator Dole arrives in a SUV. The large crowd of Iowa supporters immediately begin to cheer as Dole’s car pulls in. Campaign staffers frantically try to keep the crowd and press in order, pushing them out of the way when necessary. Reporters ask Dole a few questions about presidential hopeful Steve Forbes. Senator Dole and his aides eventually make their way through the throng of emphatic supporters onto the makeshift stage. The cameraman is unable to get a good shot of the Senator during the press conference and instead gathers footage from around the event until he can get another shot of Dole. The cameraman is able to get a few more shots of the Senator as he says his goodbyes and leaves the event.

15:22Copy video clip URL Cut to footage from the videomaker’s car. The cameraman gathers footage from in and around Story City, Iowa.

16:30Copy video clip URL Cut to footage from a Pat Buchanan press conference. Buchanan is a Presidential hopeful this year as well. A Buchanan campaign representative says a few words about the candidate before he makes his entrance. “Pat Buchanan is the Ronald Reagan of 1996. He is the right man for this party, for this election, this cycle to lead America into the White House.”

18:25Copy video clip URL Buchanan and his wife enter into the conference hall and are greeted with warm cheers and applause. Buchanan begins to speak to the crowd about his Republican primary opponents’ lavish spending habits and goes on to highlight some of his main positions. However, the speech is a little fragmented and jumps to different shots every couple of minutes. After finishing his speech, Buchanan begins to shake hands and make small talk with a number of supporters at the press conference.

23:42Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Buchanan’s campaign bus. His comment about being outspent by his Republican opponents rings very true after looking at his old and rusted Winnebago. The cameraman gathers footage of the dilapidated bus as it pulls away.

24:25Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of a number of GOP bumper stickers in a Pat Buchanan campaign office. The cameraman gathers footage of Buchanan’s Winnebago. The bus window decals read, “Caution: Future President on Board,” and “Reclaiming the American Dream.”

26:47Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of a woman making a complaint about a number of Pat Buchanan pamphlets that were left on car windshields in the parking lot of her place of worship. The woman firmly and eloquently states, “I was at a church service and to leave that kind of hate message on my car–flyers for Pat Buchanan who happens to think that gays and lesbians have a mental defect and are somehow subhuman. I find that offensive.” The desk receptionist gives a bit of an empty sounding apology as the woman briskly walks out of the office. A small group of reporters follow the woman to ask her about the situation. The woman states, “It was under my windshield wipers and it was all over the cars that were parked in our church parking lot. And I find that offensive for someone to come in and invade my church space with this kind of literature. I’m offended by it. … I oppose Pat Buchanan. I do not oppose his right to say what he has to say. I oppose him coming into my private religious space and offering that kind of literature. I don’t want any part of it. And his position on gays and lesbians is a very mean spirited, homophobic position. He would destroy the families of people that I know and love and I can’t support that and I find it offensive.”

28:58Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Buchanan, his wife, and his aides as they arrive at his campaign office. Buchanan is immediately confronted by a reporter who asks him about his views on NATO. He eventually makes his way into the office and answers a few more questions from the press.

30:56Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of campaign volunteers making calls to potential voters. Buchanan greets each volunteer and makes a rather heartfelt speech thanking them for their hard work in the campaign. One woman breaks down into tears as she and Buchanan shake hands.

33:21Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of Presidential candidate Steve Forbes arriving at a press conference. It is a chaotic scene as competing reporters and cameramen claw at one another to get a good shot of Forbes.The Republican candidate eventually arrives at the stage. He speaks to a large audience about his hopes for change in Washington. The sound cuts out for a brief moment during Forbes’ speech. The cameraman gathers footage from in and around the press conference as Forbes leaves the hotel. We see a shot of Forbes from inside of his campaign bus before cutting into the next segment.

40:42Copy video clip URL Cut to a rally for Republican Presidential candidate Lamar Alexander. Those in attendance, including Alexander, watch a performance from a local country singer. In front of a large backdrop of a poster that reads “Lamar!,” the singer performs two songs for the crowd. The cameraman focuses in on Alexander as he patiently awaits to give his speech.

46:09Copy video clip URL Alexander takes the stage and begins to talk to the audience. His speech is cut off by the end of the tape.

46:55Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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