[None of the Above raw #10]

Raw interviews in Boston for None of the Above, a documentary special on non-voters and the 1996 Presidential election.

00:00Copy video clip URL Opening shots of a park in Boston.

01:00Copy video clip URL Interview with brothers Thomas and Steve Maclellan. Thomas points out that politics does not allow for the best statesman to run for office. Steve notes that the political process prevents many good people from running for office because we put all candidates’ lives under a microscope. He claims that the process has lost its humanity. Steve points out that he would like a strong leader and notes that Senator John Kerry would be a good candidate. They both talk about the need for people to focus on a broad sense of issues with passion, and a need for more racial diversity in politics. Steve notes that apathy is a result of the belief that the issues at stake do not affect people in a personal way.

19:25Copy video clip URL Interview with Tom Lancaster, manager at the Milk Street Cafe. Lancaster, while not a US citizen and ineligible to vote, says he strongly supports Clinton. He also says that John Kerry would be a great candidate. He calls apathy a shame and claims that he knows a lot more about politics in the US than most citizens. He also says that there is enough in depth information in the newspapers and other sources, if people are interested in taking the time to look.

27:05Copy video clip URL Interview with Eric, a philosophy student at Boston University. He says that he is disillusioned with the political process because politics deals with issues that he’s not concerned with. He notes also that many young people are disconnected from politics.

31:50Copy video clip URL Interview with Heidi Quinn, a collections agent from New Hampshire. She calls herself a Republican, but is not happy with the candidates, so she’ll likely vote Democrat. However, she would nominate Colin Powell for President, if she had a choice.

34:37Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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