[None of the Above raw #17]

This is raw footage of Keoki in Hawaii for "None of the Above," a documentary special focusing on non-voters during the 1996 Presidential primaries. Keoki part 2 of 3.

00:00Copy video clip URL Keoki continues weeding the fields, explaining how he does it physically, but also his sense of pride and culture.

05:20Copy video clip URL They walk together and Keoki speaks of how his children are taking over more of the responsibility of working the fields and making poi. He then harvests the taro and speaks about the importance of taro in Hawaiian culture. He speaks about his new projects, including serving as a consultant in taro growing, working with patients in the hospital, and working in the fields as therapy for those with mental disabilities and psychological illness.

14:30Copy video clip URL Keoki speaks about the pride he has in realizing his dream that his kids are taking over the farm. He also speaks about education and the need of children to be monitored and loved and appreciated, which is difficult to do in the American culture with two working parents. He says that Hawaii is rated #1 in domestic violence and that it’s important for the people to get involved in economics and politics to solve these issues.

20:30Copy video clip URL Keoki’s sons come out bringing the nets for fishing, and they work together to empty water out of the boat. They all go out in the boat and he explains the practice of raising and catching fish. They stop and wait, ready to cast the nets into the water at the right time.

34:10Copy video clip URL The boy casts a net into the water and jumps in, but ends up empty.  Another boy does the same.

42:20Copy video clip URL They return to the land and he gives more of a tour around the grounds. Keoki explains his fish farm, where he is raising fish to sell to the local hotels and Asian markets. They talk more about economics and how he makes money through Amway.

50:30Copy video clip URL They speak about taxes and voting. Keoki says that he doesn’t vote because he just wants to work his land and maintain his lifestyle. He then explains the “Apology Bill” that was passed by Bill Clinton. The bill recognizes the illegal overtake of Hawaii. He says that he tries to stay away from politics and that the local government cuts off the spirit of voting for anybody. He says he sees no reason to vote because you get cut out at both ends. He ends by saying that freedom is right around the corner and that you get blessed by helping people.

1:00:48Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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