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Raw footage shot for "None of the Above," a documentary on non-voters during the 1996 presidential election. This tape features footage from the 1996 Republican National Convention in San Diego, CA and related events around the city.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage of an installation of Langston Hughes’ “Dream Deferred” at a trolley station in San Diego. Another quotation in same typeface, also on glass partition: “I can feel the heat closing in” William S. Burroughs, Naked Lunch

01:13Copy video clip URL August 10, 1996. Overcast weather, small waves. Environmentalists and surfers rally in support of the Clean Water Act on Ocean Beach for the Surfrider Foundation’s “Paddle for Clean Water” charity event, held in August 1996 on the eve of the Republican National Convention. Press event, photo opportunity scheduled to start at 8 a.m. at Ocean Beach Pier. Speaker wears tee shirt “San Diego Chapter For Clean Water.” Surfer wearing gold crucifix stretches with his board on beach. Toilet mounted on surfboard. A surfer on shore explains his sign: “What’s that floating? What’s that smell?” and tells what he’s seen on water while surfing, including human waste.

07:56Copy video clip URL Surfers just out of the water talk to videomaker Bill Stamets about pollution: “Watch what you throw out, and be aware that everything that you do throw out ends up in the ocean.” Speakers with arms raised chants to crowd: “What do we want? Clean water” Signs read: “1,347 beach closings in 1995” “California: where the effluent meets the affluent” “Vote for Mother Ocean.” After a few advocates address the crowd, most of those in attendance make their way out into the water to catch some waves. Hundreds of surfers are seen out in the water making their way to shore.
9:30Copy video clip URL Two palm trees with flag pole and slack U.S. flag in between.
10:23Copy video clip URL “If Congress had to preside over America on surfboards, we’d have a much better country.”

11:42Copy video clip URL Stamets speaks with vendors at the convention center. Patriot Portrait Collectibles booth selling velvet portraits of Bob Dole, Newt Gingrich, “each of these made, hand painted, made in Tijuana on velvet, $300, signed by artists Azteca and Jorge.” Another vendor: Cuban Cigar Factory. Trimming and rolling cigars. Other booths sold Elephant trunk noisemakers. Elephant calls $10. Tee shirt rack with sign: “Warning Politically Incorrect Area… Rampant Insensitivity Authorized.”

14:27Copy video clip URL RNC employees put the finishing touches on the convention decor before the event takes place. Organizers are working hard to get everything in order. An RNC employee guides the delegates through a mock run of the voting process. Run-through, troubleshooting tech guy with microphone hooked to PA system instructs delegates around the floor to bring up password log-in screen, state’s initials. Painters daub low wall with sponge for faux marble effect to reduce glare during telecast in evening.

20:43Copy video clip URL Footage of Bob Dole’s campaign jet flying into the San Diego Bay for a Dole/Kemp rally. Sunny harbor, Dole’s campaign jet makes pass, tips wings. Boats with bunting, parachutist with flag and smoke trail. Dole and wife Elizabeth at bow of Silvergate. Off camera news photographer asks, “Where the hell is he?”

23:12Copy video clip URL Jack Kemp and family cruise the marina on a boat tour. Dole passes through cheering crowd. Jack Kemp briefly audible not visible; white fireworks in mid-day blue sky. Giant mock White House, where tourists will take photos as crew breaks down stage. 

25:42Copy video clip URL Dole makes an outdoor speech at the convention as fireworks are set off, reiterating campaign promises to eliminate the estate tax and the IRS. “Our vision is of a healthy vigorous growing economy where everybody participates and no one, no one is left behind in the great United States of America. It’s time to lift up America, lift up our economy, lift up our schools, lift up our families, lift up our values, and most of all lift up our expectations, and that’s exactly what Jack Kemp and I are going to do as President and Vice President of the United States of America.” Abe Lincoln impersonator poses and joshes with Republicans.

28:53Copy video clip URL Footage of a boat in the San Diego bay that has a banner hanging off of its side that reads, “Take Abortion Out Of Politics.” Footage of the rally and interviews with supporters.

30:15Copy video clip URL A Dole supporter shows off a custom-made campaign surfboard. “I couldn’t get Kemp on there quick enough–this thing took two months to build.”

30:56Copy video clip URL Cut to footage from a Democratic Party rally in San Diego on the weekend of the Republican National Convention. In total there are about seven people in attendance. It is a rather dismal looking rally. Approved protest zone in parking lot. Banner on small stage: “Democratic Party of San Diego County.”

32:20Copy video clip URL Women on the convention grounds shout back and forth with a lone protester wearing Buchanan campaign gear about Jack Kemp’s pro-life voting record. sunburned man in overalls sign “Repent Demonstrators… John 3:16–21” argues with woman about abortion Dole voted for 182 pro-abort out 185 attorneys general. Stamets asks the protester if he has ever voted Democratic and whether the news media is organized into a single liberal body. The man responds, “Never voted Democrat once. Always kind of smarter than the usual people, always kind of above the norm, blessed of God with the Holy Ghost in truth. I’ve always voted for Nixon– good man, guys got him on a technicality. The Democrats are so messed up he bugged Watergate. Hey, I’d ‘a been mad if he didn’t bug Watergate.” The man then comments on the “liberal news media.” The man then tries to argue that Stamets is violating the second commandment of image making: “You got a camera in your hand. That’s idolatry.. the Second Commandment… so you’re treading on thin water.” Wears Buchanan photo button. When Stamets points out that the man has a tattoo of Christ on his chest, man explains crucified Christ tattoo is like “a brand.” He argues that it is the kind of image that he can get away with. The man goes on to say more about image making. “But image making is a distraction. Movies, television, books with pictures– it’s all a big distraction.” “Do you agree with the Islamic faith about the use of words and abstract designs as opposed to representational images?” “Uh…don’t know what you’re talking about.” End of discussion. 
36:33Copy video clip URL San Diego police brief pro-life protesters about the convention center’s rules. The protesters are equipped with religious pamphlets and gory posters depicting botched operations. San Diego police talk logistics with demo organizer Reverend Flip Benham, National Director of Operation Rescue. About crowd flow, trolley tracks. Mild confusion ensues. Lengthy handheld shots as Reverend attempts to wrangle wayward protestors.  Uniformed “S.D.P.D. Video Team” videographer documents with video camcorder on his shoulder.
38:42Copy video clip URL The pro-life protesters gather in a children’s park before dispersing into the crowd waiting outside the convention center. “Here we have a perfect opportunity to represent the truth.”
42:43Copy video clip URL Bill asks a woman in an oversize Uncle Sam hat, “Are you distrustful of the media in general?” She believes that Americans have been losing rights and are over-policed. “They think we’re all criminals in the United States,” she says.
44:05Copy video clip URL The Reverend from the pro-life group does an interview with a television reporter. It ends rather quickly with the Reverend supposedly winning the argument the two were having over abortion. We also follow a Christian Coalition representative trying to get into the convention. Ralph Reed, executive director Christian Coalition, uses a delegate credential to enter convention. On a boat docked in San Diego harbor, Larry Pratt (Executive Director of Gun Owners of America and former representative in Virginia’s House of Delegates) hosts event for Republicans and invited press. He brought copies of his book “Safeguarding Liberty The Constitution & Citizen Militias” to autograph. In 1990 he wrote “Armed People Victorious.” Several multi-sentence bites as he speaks to print reporter. 
51:11Copy video clip URL Cut to footage with no audio. The camera was placed on a table in front of a telephone so nothing is being recorded. This lasts for several minutes.
52:18Copy video clip URL Clips from convention speeches are broadcast behind a live band on an outdoor stage. Bill Phelps, president of the National Federation of the Grand Order of Pachyderm Clubs, talks about how the Republican Party can benefit from grassroots organizations and civic participation.
55:18Copy video clip URL Senator Phil Gramm enters the convention floor during Mitch McConnell’s speech, and runs into Larry King.
59:01Copy video clip URL Oliver North speaks with a guest on his radio show on site at the RNC.
59:32Copy video clip URL Former Presidential nominee Phil Gramm at the RNC speaking with both Tim Russert and Larry King.
01:01:32Copy video clip URL Democratic party rally outside of the RNC. A speaker is addressing the crowd but gets cut off by the end of the tape.
01:01:52Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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