[None of the Above raw #23]

Raw footage of Michael Johnson, United Center Floor Crew during the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, for "None of the Above," a documentary on people who are choosing not to vote in the 1996 presidential election.

00:00Copy video clip URL B-roll of the exterior of the United Center. The footage moves quickly into the convention hall.

00:40Copy video clip URL Interview with Michelle Goldstein who claims that she didn’t vote in the last election because she was in Japan.

02:15Copy video clip URL Footage of the crowd doing the “Macarena” dance inside the convention.

04:30Copy video clip URL Michael Johnson introduces himself as part of the floor crew at the United Center. He claims that he’s never voted and that he has never found anyone worth voting for. He says he enjoys the energy of the convention, but says that it’s not worth the money spent on it. He points out that using only 1/3 of the money used for the convention could renovate the neighborhood projects.

08:00Copy video clip URL Johnson talks about his family life, and notes that it takes a neighborhood to raise children.

09:00Copy video clip URL Videomaker Skip Blumberg walks with Johnson, who speaks about politics, and then goes on to talk about his daily life, his leisure activities, and spending time with his kids.

11:10Copy video clip URL Johnson notes that the most important things in his life are his church, his kids, his friends. He walks with his friend John into the parking lot, where they carpool on the way home.

13:30Copy video clip URL Blumberg rides with them in the car, shooting their conversation about work, health, the lottery, neighborhood changes, welfare reform, Clinton’s policies and promises, and fishing.

25:45Copy video clip URL John drops Michael off at the train station, and Michael goes up to wait for the el. He speaks of how grateful he is to have a job. He explains that he moved to the north side of Chicago to get away from the problems in his neighborhood. He listens to his headphones, explaining that he likes to listen to Grover Washington as he rides the train home.

31:55Copy video clip URL Johnson explains that he feels self-conscious about wearing his uniform home compared to other guys who are selling drugs. He explains that his life changed when his mother died, and then he separated from his wife. He explains that he used to get high with the “fellas” and how hard it was to leave that lifestyle. He says that he makes positive choices now in order to honor his mom’s memory.

36:35Copy video clip URL Johnson gets on the train and rides home.

43:00Copy video clip URL Johnson exits the train and walks out to the street. He speaks about his girlfriend, and his neighborhood, called “The Jungle,” one of the roughest parts of the North Side of Chicago, but compared to his old neighborhood, this is “Kiddieland.”

46:40Copy video clip URL Johnson enters his apartment and speaks about his work, saying the best part is his co-workers, who are “like a family.” He speaks about the pride he takes in his work. He then speaks about his idea of politics, noting that all U.S. Presidents have been white, and that they probably don’t know much about the ‘hood.

54:00Copy video clip URL Johnson calls his daughter to wish her a happy birthday, and gets into a conversation about his ex-wife losing her job. He notes how he has 6 kids and how he manages spending time with them, and describes how he feels about living apart from them.

1:02:40Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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