[None of the Above raw #35]

This tape features raw footage shot for the documentary "None of the Above," an in depth ethnographic look at non voters in this country. This video features footage and interviews with Michael and Holly Bowser of Morro Bay, California. Bowsers #4.

00:00Copy video clip URL The tape begins with footage from outside of the Bowser home in Morro Bay, California.

01:50Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of the Bowsers attending their county fair. We watch as those in attendance take part in the festivities. Holly Bowser works the event with a number of other parents. This lasts for several minutes.

17:24Copy video clip URL Holly Bowser participates in a pie eating contest. Holly and a number of other contestants sit down at a large table and proceed to try to eat about half a pie as fast as they can. Holly ends up losing to a younger boy. Afterwards the camera operator gathers b-roll of the event.

30:00Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of the Bowser children playing with a bucket of small crabs. They and a group of other children sit and play with one another. This lasts for several minutes.

32:21Copy video clip URL Michael Bowser sets up a telescope for his kids. Shortly afterwards, John Callaway sits down with Michael and Holly while the children play in the park.

37:15Copy video clip URL Michael and Holly Bowser begin to talk about their lives in Morro Bay, their current economic situation, and their family past. The two sit on a patch of grass near a playground where their children are playing. When asked about their current economic situation, Holly states that the family is living day to day and that they’re having some financial trouble. They go into detail about the amount of assistance they receive from the government. Michael also talks about his work as an independent contractor. “Sometimes it’s real slow and sometimes it’s feast or famine often. I do really well some months and some months there’s nothing there at all, and we have to just kind of make due in between.” The two go on to talk about a number of various financial problems. Both Holly and Michael go onto talk about their past bouts with homelessness and family problems. Holly talks about an abusive relationship she had been involved in before getting married. Michael talks about his life before marriage. The two talk about the positivity in their marriage and the responsibility that comes with their three children.

47:30Copy video clip URL Holly talks about Michael’s positive influence on the children from her previous relationship. The two go into detail about Holly’s former boyfriend and his treatment of both Holly and the children. The two believe that the man may have sexually abused the two oldest boys. The two harbor a lot of anger towards the boys’ biological father and talk about the custody dealings that they are going through. Holly reveals the fact that if Michael wasn’t around, her former boyfriend would come back into her life and try to hurt both her and the children. The two go on to talk about other aspects of the family and how the current state of the country is affecting them.

54:27Copy video clip URL Holly begins to talk about her belief that women are smarter than men. As Holly speaks, Michael begins to roll his eyes a bit and waits to give his response. Midway through the conversation, Michael takes a minute to go help the children who are playing at the playground. Holly continues to talk about her former abusive relationship and what brought her out of it. When Michael returns he responds to the comment that women are smarter than men. He believes that men and women are of the same level of intelligence but that they handle their emotions differently. Callaway then asks Michael whether he sees himself as a victim because of his struggles with drugs and alcohol.

01:02:30Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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