[None of the Above raw #53]

Raw footage of Michael Johnson on election day, shot for "None of the Above," a documentary following several non-voters during the 1996 presidential election. This tape was shot by several non-professional videographers in an attempt to let the subjects of the documentary tell their own stories.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg and his family use the camera at home.

07:28Copy video clip URL Camera crews set up at Michael Johnson’s house while he and his son play video games. John Callaway and Johnson have a conversation.

11:11Copy video clip URL Tape is black for over ten minutes.

22:45Copy video clip URL Johnson’s son Adam shoots himself for a few minutes, then Weinberg shoots as Michael drives and they converse and listen to music on the way.

31:00Copy video clip URL John Callaway interviews Beverly Robinson on the street.

32:40Copy video clip URL They drive as she shoots Johnson talking about “Iceberg Mike” and they all talk about various topics, including equity and justice with regard to Michael’s work.

50:48Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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