[None of the Above raw #6]

Skip Blumberg interviews people in City Hall Park in New York City. This is raw footage for "None of the Above," a documentary special focusing on non-voters during the 1996 Presidential primaries.

00:09Copy video clip URL Opening street scenes.

02:40Copy video clip URL Interview with Jerry from Senegal, who supports Clinton and explains that he feels that Clinton is his friend. He explains that his brother is ambassador to the United Nations.

06:00  Interview in the park with Chris from Boston, who calls himself apathetic, and not politically motivated. He says that he avoids television, calling it a drain on his time and creativity, and that it’s like “chewing gum for the mind.”

13:50Copy video clip URL Interview with Dave, who calls himself active politically, although he did not vote in the primary. He states that he thinks that a non-politician should run for President.

18:50Copy video clip URL Interview with Elizabeth from the Bronx. She speaks about women’s issues in politics and that there’s not enough good media coverage to know enough about candidates.

26:50Copy video clip URL Interview with Mike, who says he feels discouraged with the choices for President. He also says he feels like the media is too scripted and restricted by those in charge, so that they can’t always report on the stories they want to cover. He also comments on race relations, noting that we’re all “people of color.” He also explains why he is currently a Republican.

42:40Copy video clip URL Alex Tobias plays “Body and Soul” on the harmonica in the park, and then speaks about his choice not to vote. He admits that he feels apathetic and that he cannot make much of an impact because big business has all the influence in Washington. He says that people need something to believe in. He notes that he gets his news from NPR and calls television the “drug of a nation.”

47:08Copy video clip URL Blumberg walks with two men in the park, who say that there’s not much reason for hope because there is no help for those who are poor and everyone lives for themselves.

55:46Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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