[None of the Above raw #61]

This tape features raw footage for the documentary "None of the Above," an in depth ethnographic look at non voters in this country. This video features footage and interviews with Michael and Holly Bowser of Morro Bay, California. Election day #2.

00:00Copy video clip URL This video begins with footage of Michael Bowser and Patrick Creadon at the shooting range along a trail off of the highway. Bowser continues to talk about their current family struggles, specifically about the emotional troubles that their children have gone through and the legal problems that have come with them. Michael talks about having to rebuild their family life after all of the legal and emotional turmoil they had gone through. Michael goes on to talk about coming off welfare and the possibility of taking part in the voting process. This lasts for several minutes.

17:17Copy video clip URL We follow Michael as he visits the site of a former housing project. Michael talks about the amount of work that went into building the house that stands there currently. He goes into detail about his love for carpentry and building homes. “I like the smell of cut wood. It’s a visible progress. Everyday you can see something that you’ve done, and be able to point to it and say, ‘Yeah, this is what I accomplished today.'” Michael goes on to talk about independent contracting in more detail. This lasts for several minutes.

27:35Copy video clip URL Michael talks about his normal media intake. He goes into detail about his love for rock and roll and science fiction. He states that he is an avid television news watcher. Creadon then asks Michael to talk about how he and Holly met. Michael gives a brief description. He also goes into detail about getting married after Holly left her former partner.

31:14Copy video clip URL Michael talks about his past troubles with the law. He describes getting arrested for selling drugs as “life changing.” Michael also talks about the differences that came with his giving up drugs and getting away from the “drug culture.” He goes on to say that he appreciates the fact that he went through such a thing and that it was a real “life lesson.” This lasts for several minutes as well.

36:19Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of the television in the Bowser home. We watch election coverage as the family spends some quality time together. This lasts for several minutes.

46:51Copy video clip URL We watch as Michael takes Israel to a counseling session. After the car pulls out of the driveway, Holly continues to spend time with her son Cassidy and a couple of neighborhood children. This lasts for the remainder of the tape.

57:15Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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