[None of the Above raw #63]

This video features raw footage from the documentary "None of the Above," an in depth ethnographic look at non voting citizens in the U.S. This tape features footage of non voter Gene Tenzca at his home in Orange, Massachusetts on election day 1996. We watch as Tenzca flips through channels while commenting on coverage of the presidential election.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with a black screen. However, background noise can be heard.

00:54Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Gene Tenzca at his home in Orange, Massachusetts. We watch as Tenzca flips through channels and comments on the coverage of the 1996 election.

01:11Copy video clip URL Tenzca addresses the camera for the first time. He briefly talks about his memories of election coverage of the past.

02:24Copy video clip URL Tenzca talks briefly about his earlier interview with John Callaway.

03:17Copy video clip URL Tenzca slowly turns his head and peers into the camera. He comments on his right to vote. “There’s something else I wish I had said, to explain clearly more how I feel about rights. To me, the right to vote is the right to choose. It’s not an obligation. I have an obligation, for example, to pay my taxes or to serve on jury duty, and I meet those obligations maybe a little grudgingly but as honestly as I can. The second amendment gives me the right to bear arms and I choose not to carry a gun. There’s no obligation. I have the right to vote, and I’m certainly glad I have that right, but no one is forced to vote.”

04:40Copy video clip URL Tenzca comments on the fact that the news media is making predictions for the race before it has even concluded. He goes on to make more observations on the right to vote. “There are some people who say that they fought for our right to vote. I don’t think that there’s a veteran alive today that actually fought for our right to vote. That issue was settled a long time ago. What they fought for was freedom and not even necessarily our freedom, but freedom in general, and I thank them for that. That freedom gives me the right to vote and the right to choose not to vote.”

06:13Copy video clip URL Tenzca states, “Oh, by the way, who we vote for or whether we vote or choose not to vote is really nobody else’s business. But if I had said that originally, then I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of meeting the people who did this interview.”

06:58Copy video clip URL Tenzca continues to flip through channels awaiting the results of the election. This lasts for several minutes.

09:34Copy video clip URL The screen goes to black; however, the audio can still be heard. This lasts the remainder of the tape.

10:17Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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