[None of the Above raw #67]

This tape features raw footage for the documentary "None of the Above," an in depth ethnographic look at non voters in the U.S. We watch as the videomakers spend time with non-voter Frank RePass and his family at their home in New Orleans. Frank #1.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with footage from outside the RePass family house in New Orleans, Lousiana. As Tom Weinberg, John Callaway, and Skip Blumberg make their way into the house, Blumberg captures footage of one of the children playing a computer game. The young girl explains the premise of the game as Blumberg tapes. He then moves on to gather footage of family pictures from around the house.

05:08Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Frank Repass in his home. He begins to talk about his family life before moving on to talk about the many renovations that have taken place in the home. Frank seems to be excited about having the opportunity to talk about his beautifully renovated home. The three follow Frank and ask him various questions about his life in New Orleans as he gives a tour of the house. Frank talks about his love for the city of New Orleans and calls himself a “lifetime New Orleanian.” Frank goes on to say, “I guess the reason I like it so much is my roots are here. I mean everyone seeks roots to some degree. Mine are here.”

09:11Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of a stained glass window in Frank’s home. He gives Blumberg a very detailed description of what type of glass is in the window. He then continues to take the three documentarians through his home. Blumberg continues to gather footage from around the home.

12:40Copy video clip URL We watch as the three children and Frank’s wife make their way out to their car in front of their house. Blumberg gathers footage from both in and outside of the Repass home. Frank continues to take the documentarians around the house. He also briefly talks about his reasons for incorporating vintage appliances, furniture, and decor in his home. This lasts for several minutes.

22:31Copy video clip URL Frank recounts meeting his wife shortly after finishing law school. Before their marriage, Frank’s wife was on track to becoming a nun. Frank talks about the development of their relationship and states that “the church’s loss definitely was my gain.” Frank then moves on to talk about his religion and spirituality. Frank is a regular church goer and seems to be a fairly devout Episcopalian. We eventually follow Frank into his daughter’s room. He begins to talk about the lack of television in the household. Frank states that he is not a fan of television because of it being a hindrance on quality family time. The family only uses the TV four to seven months out of the year. Frank goes on to talk about some of the television his children get to watch. He also briefly talks about his television news intake, his disdain for primetime TV, and his radio listening habits.

32:13Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Frank outside his home. He begins to talk about his neighborhood location and demographics. Frank states that it is a blue collar neighborhood. He goes on to make a very interesting observation about his profession as a lawyer and how he relates to those who live in his neighborhood. “I mean, there’s a very thin veneer to humanity. There’s not that much difference between a lawyer and somebody who cleans the streets. There’s just not.” He goes on to talk about the most important aspects of his life and aspirations for the future. “Far and away the most important thing in my life is to raise my children to be loving, intelligent, generous people. I don’t think anything else approaches that in importance. I would like to continue to grow intellectually, learn about the incredibly beautiful world that God’s put us in. I would like to probably be a better husband to my wife. She puts up with an awful lot.” He goes on to cite the importance of living in New Orleans and the amount of crime in his neighborhood. He also addresses the issue of racism in New Orleans and his children’s schooling. This lasts for several minutes.

43:33Copy video clip URL The three documentarians sit down with Frank in his home. They first ask him about his thoughts on the current state of the country. Frank refers to America as being “outsized” and states that there is both growth and decay in the country’s development. He emphasizes the fact that there is a large moral decay in the country and that we have become an atomistic society. He also cites materialism as a rampant problem and refers to it as the “end table complex.” The interview is then cut off by the end of the tape.

47:28Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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