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This video contains raw footage for the documentary "None of the Above," an in depth ethnographic look at the non voting citizens of the U.S. On this tape, the three documentarians continue to speak with Frank RePass, a non voting New Orleans resident. Frank #2.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with a continuation of an interview with Frank RePass, a non voter who lives in New Orleans. RePass begins by talking about the lack of solid morality in this country. John Callaway asks RePass about the possible causes for the country’s current societal woes. RePass responds by talking about the notion of the nation being in a post-Christian age. “When religion passed away as a major, or is passing away as a major facet of life, it’s going to leave not just a gulf, it’s going to leave just a gaping maw.” He then goes on to talk about his reasons for leaving the church at twenty-two and returning years later.

05:03Copy video clip URL Callaway asks RePass about his thoughts on abortion. After pondering the question for a moment, Frank responds, “I think it probably has to be done at some times, but I think it’s a very sad thing to have to be done. I don’t want to jail anybody for it, but I don’t think anyone’s happy doing it. Certainly the girls that have it are not going to be happy doing it. I think it’s just a necessary evil that we have and it’s just part of living and not preventing babies from being started.” When asked whether he views abortion as murder, RePass goes on to say, “It’s close, that’s why it’s such a traumatic thing for the people that do it. It’s about as difficult a thing as they’re probably going to do in their life. So it’s just, I don’t know what to say. Would I condemn them? No, I would not condemn them. But I certainly would, I thank God that I could not be put in that position of being pregnant.”

06:51Copy video clip URL RePass refers to himself as “apolitical.” He cites four main reason for his being a non voter. The first is that he doesn’t truly like anyone who is running for office and refers to them and “pompous” and “self-serving.” “They feel they’re above that veneer of humanity. They’re on the good side, the shiny side. They’re materialistic and they’re in it for power. They’re in it for perks of which there are many, many, many when you run for office.” RePass’ second reason for not voting is the dishonesty among those who run. He goes into detail about the hypocrisy of many politicians and their avoidance of making distinctions between right and wrong. His third reason is because he considers the voting process to be flawed, specifically when it comes to the number of votes a candidate can receive in order to win a certain office. He states that the voting system is absurd and believes it should be reformed. He states that his non-vote should be taken very seriously by those in office.

16:41Copy video clip URL Frank talks about his voting past. For ten years after becoming eligible to vote, Frank was involved in nearly every local and federal vote. After those ten years, his voting habits slowly started to decline and by 1988, Frank had cast his last vote on the federal level and hasn’t voted since. Frank goes into detail about his thoughts on former presidents and presidential candidates Lyndon Baines Johnson, George McGovern, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Michael Dukakis, George H. W. Bush, and then current President Bil Clinton. Frank goes into detail about his political views and the need to restructure the education system. “We should make teaching kids the profession of professionals–not the lawyers, not the doctors, not the engineers and architects. Those who teach my children are the most important people in my life just about, and it should be that way for everyone’s children.” This lasts for several minutes.

24:15Copy video clip URL Callaway asks RePass whether he feels guilty over his non voting practices. RePass says that he does feel guilt over not voting but emphasizes his disgust for the serious offices that decide what direction the country is going to go. When asked what he would say to Bill Clinton if he were to have a conversation with him, RePass would tell him to tell the truth. At this point, RePass gets a little heated and does a bit of unloading on the videomakers. He passionately expresses his disdain over Clinton’s lack of idealism while in office. He also talks about the dishonesty within presidential campaigns. He briefly talks about how Bob Dole should have run his campaign as well.

30:17Copy video clip URL When asked about whether he would ever run for office, RePass says that he has thought about it quite a bit but that he wouldn’t get the amount of support needed. RePass goes on to talk about the need for idealists and dreamers to become involved in politics.

33:50Copy video clip URL Cut back to a shot of RePass in his living room. He and Callaway continue to talk about the changes that can be made to the political system. RePass goes on to talk about being a lawyer. He also talks about his reasons for not voting locally. He expresses his disdain for the use of racial politics on the local level but emphasizes that he is a good citizen. RePass also talks about being against the war in Vietnam but regrets not being a part of the military.

41:08Copy video clip URL RePass talks about his reasons for flunking out of Tulane University. He talks about his deep interest in chess playing and his eventual path to law school. RePass also talks about his children’s thoughts of him over his non voting habits.

43:58Copy video clip URL RePass talks about his media intake and reading habits. He goes on to talk about his belief in the afterlife and his thoughts on faith.

50:47Copy video clip URL Skip Blumberg asks RePass whether he received enough information about the candidates in the recent presidential election. He highlights the differences between television new coverage of and print coverage. This lasts for several minutes.

53:06Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of a vintage taxi. Both Blumberg and Tom Weinberg are interested in buying the car.

53:41Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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