[None of the Above raw #7]

Skip Blumberg interviews people in the Sony Store in New York City. This is raw footage for "None of the Above," a documentary special focusing on non-voters during the 1996 Presidential primaries.

00:00Copy video clip URL B-roll of the interior and exterior of the Sony Store. Footage cuts inside to a voter registration table, hosted by a local radio station.

05:00Copy video clip URL Interview with Jeffrey Brown and Walter Jones outside the store.

08:45Copy video clip URL Cut back to voter registration inside the store.

10:40Copy video clip URL Interview outside the store with Kim Green who works for Sony and promotes the idea of “Black Future,” which is an alternative to Black History month. She explains why it’s important for Black people to have specific initiatives for them. She explains why it’s important to register people to vote, particularly in the Black community.

21:24Copy video clip URL Warren and Will from the musical group “Asante” do a brief plug for Weekend TV. They then speak out about why it’s important to vote and how they got involved in the political process.

26:40Copy video clip URL More footage of the registration table, the DJ inside, and recording artists signing CDs.

30:25Copy video clip URL Interview outside with Eric, who expresses excitement and hope about the political process. He points out that the options for President are not adequate, and claims that the media is biased in its reporting.

36:45Copy video clip URL Cut back to inside the store.

40:38Copy video clip URL Interview with Abraham from Egypt who registered even though he’s not a citizen.

42:15Copy video clip URL Interview with John Robinson, producer from the radio station, who explains the partnership between WBLS, Sony, and the voter registration process. He also notes that the candidates do not speak to the issues that are relevant to him and his family. He also is critical of the media in terms of dealing with the status quo.

47:06Copy video clip URL Interview with Renee Geller who says that she is a Clinton supporter, and that television is not doing a good job of coverage, but the other press is.

53:50Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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