[None of the Above raw #75]

Raw footage of Giovanna Dagnello, an actress and waitress at Pizzeria Uno, for "None of the Above," a documentary about non-voters during the 1996 presidential election.

00:00Copy video clip URL B-roll of the woods. Tom Weinberg does a tribute to Tony Judge’s hometown of Hadley, Mass.

02:56Copy video clip URL Footage of voting on Election Day, November 5, 1996.

07:50Copy video clip URL Street scenes of New York City.

09:48Copy video clip URL Footage of Dagnello on the way to rehearsal followed by scenes of the actual play rehearsal.

28:55Copy video clip URL Interview with Mike, who says he hopes to vote. Dagnello says that she won’t vote because the government doesn’t do anything to help the people. They leave the building and she walks down to Godiva Chocolate to apply for a job.

32:20Copy video clip URL Dagnello says that her opinion of voting hasn’t changed, particularly now that it’s getting cold out and she sees people on the streets. She enters Godiva, then walks out saying that the manager is not there.

36:20Copy video clip URL Dagnello walks and talks more about why she’s not voting. She buys a bagel and explains that she will be doing homework and rehearsing a scene, so she will not watch the election coverage.

40:00Copy video clip URL Dagnello enters the library to look up a book.

47:20Copy video clip URL Dagnello checks her mail and goes to her dorm room, cleans up her room, then starts doing her homework. She says that she would only vote if she saw some results taking place. She claims that she doesn’t think of herself as an American because America has lost its culture and values. She says she does her part in small ways to participate by taking care of the things that she cares about.

1:02:45Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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