[November 13, 1993]

0:09Copy video clip URL Camera opens on a presentation about the indigenous Kayapo people of Brazil at the Chicago Cultural Center. A Kayapo man speaks in his native language, and another man translates for him. They watch parts of Kayapo ceremonies. They watch a naming ceremony, a soccer game, and a meeting. They speak about the preservation of Kayapo culture, and ask for help in buying equipment to continue recording and archiving the lives of Kayapo people.

26:00Copy video clip URL Presentation ends. The two presenters speak at the podium again about the spoiling of some of the footage they already took, and members of the audience ask questions. They continue to talk about ceremonies, the dynamics of Brazil, women’s roles, and film.

58:00Copy video clip URL Question portion of the ceremony ends. Another man introduces the beginning of the next presentation. 

58:27Copy video clip URL Cut to black.

58:29Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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