Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

A three part series investigation of a woman who lost her six children to SIDS

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Part one

0:40Copy video clip URL “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.” Air Date: June 29, 1990. Part 1.

0:57Copy video clip URL The video begins with a quote. Carol Marin shares a report on the sudden an unexplained death of six children. Ages 6 weeks to two years old. The first was born in 1972 and the last 1987. 

1:49Copy video clip URL A man being interviewed says that it makes no medical sense. There is someone killing children. 

2:27Copy video clip URL Carol Marin reports the story. The mother is Deborah Anne Gedzius. 

2:55Copy video clip URL Carol Marin begins going through medical and death records. Most of the deaths have been reported as crib death or Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

5:50Copy video clip URL By the time the fourth child died, suspicion arose. An investigation opened for fourth months. They found Deborah had 4 children with 3 fathers. The cause of death of a genetic impossibility. Case closed.

7:40Copy video clip URL A paternal grandmother is interviewed. Deborah has two more children. After the fourth child dies, they take extra precautions such as medication for breathing stimulant and a monitor to alert low breathing levels. Despite the measures both die.

10:00Copy video clip URL The first part on Now I Lay Me To Sleep ends.

Now I Lay Me To Sleep part two

10:27Copy video clip URL The second part of Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep begins. Deborah Gedzius petitions to change the cause of death to SIDS on her last two children’s death certificate. The doctor denies. Instead the last two deaths remain open. 

11:10Copy video clip URL A similar story in New York arises. Mary Beth Kinsey convicted of killing one of her nine children. All of the prior deaths were reported as natural or SIDS. It was not until an adopted child died that suspicion rose as there was no way for genetics to be the reason. 

12:50Copy video clip URL Carol Marin interviews the investigator on the case. He says that she confessed to killing. Had she not she would be a free woman today. They always gave her the benefit of the doubt. 

15:04Copy video clip URL Now I Lay Me To Sleep part two ends. 

Now I Lay Me To Sleep part three

18:30Copy video clip URL After the fifth death there was a push for investigation. Interviewing 105 people. Doctors and nurses had suspicions of the deaths. 

19:55Copy video clip URL Doctor Goldberg says there are such rare cases for multiple SIDS deaths consecutively in one family. 

20:46Copy video clip URL Medical examiner reviewed all six deaths and reversed the death declaration to all suffocations. 

22:33Copy video clip URL Now I Lay Me To Sleep part four starts. 

23:23Copy video clip URL The case remains unsolved. Deborah denies interviewing. She claims she is a victim of both the deaths’ of her children by SIDS and persecution. 

25:08Copy video clip URL [End of Tape].



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