[Nuns and Retirement]

Carol Marin Interviews Nuns about Retirement

0:11Copy video clip URL Video opens on a nuns hand on a cane.

0:50Copy video clip URL Sister Mary Eugene and Sister Mary Rogers interviewed. Sister Mary Eugene is 80 years old. She entered the covenant in 1945. Teacher until she was 72.

3:43Copy video clip URL The video transitions to show a nun seated in a hallway.

4:38Copy video clip URL The video returns back to the interview. Sister Mary Rogers talks about their presence both nationally and internationally. She claims there are 6 provinces in which sisters or nuns reside. She currently is apart of the Chicago province. 

11:30Copy video clip URL Sister Mary Rogers talks about her teaching career. She said she prayed about her career and did not want to disappoint the family.

14:02Copy video clip URL Sister Mary Eugene talks about her journey into becoming a nun. She says, there were a lot of jobs in the nursing home when she arrived. Instead of sitting around, she worked in the giftshop then transitioned to fundraising for eight years, and then making 10,000 rosaries for missions. She has been doing this for four years now. Nuns seem to not retire from work, according to interviewees.

16:55Copy video clip URL Sister Mary Roger talks about a survey that she distributed to catholic school girls which inquired about their interest in becoming a sister. Most said that they were keen to help, but they ultimately wanted to get married.

19:28Copy video clip URL [End of Tape].




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