[Love Family 4: 1980 Democratic National Convention protests]

The Love Family joins protests outside of the 1980 Democratic National Convention in New York City.

00:02Copy video clip URL Filming from a car driving through New York. Children play by the side of the road. The New York City skyline. The Brooklyn Bridge.

07:40Copy video clip URL Construction by the side of the road. Construction workers goofing around for the camera.

14:03Copy video clip URL New York City sidewalks. 

15:43Copy video clip URL Trucks with “No Blood for Oil” signs driving down the street. 

16:35Copy video clip URL A mechanized rotating circle of umbrellas on a truck with a sign reading “Wind Power Show.” Musicians playing drums and dancing underneath them. A crowd watches from the sidewalk. 

18:24Copy video clip URL More New York City streets, the sidewalks filled with pedestrians. 

20:00Copy video clip URL Love Family members hanging on the sidewalk. They encounter the members of the punk band Panic Squad, who say they’ll be playing a concert in the back of a truck at 8th Ave and 34th St.

22:25Copy video clip URL The family walk down the street past crowds of demonstrators. There is a giant papier-mâché head of Jimmy Carter and a band playing music. 

24:36Copy video clip URL Interview with a man in clown makeup about legalizing marijuana. 

25:06Copy video clip URL Nighttime. Bands continue to play. The police look onto the crowds. 

26:51Copy video clip URL Anti-war, anti-draft speeches. 

28:10Copy video clip URL A folk-rock band consisting of members of the Love Family play several songs. A crowd watches. 

40:13Copy video clip URL Speech from the lead singer of the band. “We believe in happiness, good times, loving each other. Seattle, Washington state – if you’re ever there drop on by.” They then play a song called “Celebrate.” 

44:53Copy video clip URL Footage of Niagara Falls.

54:40Copy video clip URL Footage of a field. 

57:56Copy video clip URL The exterior of a massive grain silo. 



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