[NYC violence moratorium meeting]

This tape features footage of a New York City community meeting on Chicano struggles and police brutality. Activist Emilio Benevides addresses a large crowd about the perils of "police terrorism" in their community, made up primarily of people of Puerto Rican descent. His speech is followed by a Q & A session.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with static.

00:16Copy video clip URL Emilio Benevides addresses the crowd, speaking about the harassment he, his family, and those in his community have received from local law enforcement. Benevides goes on to talk about his brother’s death at the hands of police. He talks about his feeling of insult at police action directed at the Chicano community. He goes on to say that his people have been infringed upon politically and culturally, “they attack us on all levels.” This lasts for a large portion of the tape.

09:05Copy video clip URL Benevides shares a few grizzly stories about some of the police brutality that had taken place in the country over the past few years. This lasts for several minutes.

14:38Copy video clip URL Benevides talks about the planning stages of a 1979 moratorium on police violence and an event planned for June 11th later that week. He goes on to talk about the need to overcome through resistance.

17:23Copy video clip URL Benevides and his associates take questions from the audience. This lasts for the remainder of the tape.

33:06Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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