[NYC violence moratorium meeting part 2, and March to United Nations in New York part 1]

This tape features footage of a demonstration in New York City against police brutality. Activist Emilio Benevides addresses a large crowd about the perils of "police terrorism" in their community, made up primarily of people of Puerto Rican descent. This is followed by numerous street interviews with supporters, including an interview with Benevides. Benevides had ties to the National Liberation Armed Forces (FALN).

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with a black screen and static.

00:24Copy video clip URL Emilio Benevides addresses a crowd in a gymnasium. The audio is very difficult to make out. Benevides makes a few remarks about the need for the community to unite against police “terrorists.” Benevides shares a story about a police officer mortally wounding an unarmed teenager. “And as the kid was raising off the ground, and he’s shot, and in trauma, and bleeding from the back, and his guts, and his arms, then the policeman came up on him and shot him in the back of the head… That’s the type of mentality that exists in our streets.” Benevides gets very angry and calls for a fight for justice. He receives a large round of applause. The tape cuts out shortly afterward.

04:18Copy video clip URL Cut to footage from outside the building–a busy New York street, filled with numerous supporters and residents just passing by. The sound person/ interviewer (Nelson) addresses the camera and tests the sound. He then begins to interview some of the demonstrators, most of whom are inaudible due to poor sound. Various individuals from all over the country voice their concern over the violence in their community and call for a stop to police brutality and for Chicanos to unite. Some of the interviewees answer in Spanish, some in English. This lasts for several minutes.

11:27Copy video clip URL The interviewer speaks with Emilio Benevides, who states that he wants to nationalize the moratorium on “police terrorism” and refers to these perpetrators as “the scum of the earth.” “The only thing that is going to liberate us is the consciousness of the people to rise against the oppressor.” He then states that governmental authorities refer to minorities as “the ungovernable sectors of our society.” He goes on to talk about the need to take their cause to a national level. “It may not be in our lifetime, but we are going to make the oppressor our footstool.” This lasts for several minutes.

16:43Copy video clip URL The interviewer speaks with another man about his support of the moratorium. The man answers in Spanish. The large group of supporters gathers together to march down he street. They lead with a banner stating “The people united will never be defeated.” The camera operator continues to gather footage of the scene. This lasts for the remainder of the tape.

27:20Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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