O’Bradovich #1

00:00Copy video clip URL This video is of a brief interview with former Chicago Bears defensive end Ed O’Bradovich.

00:23Copy video clip URL The tape opens with several takes of O’Bradovich throwing his helmet to two men in the stands, and them throwing it back to him. “It took twenty-two years and they say patience is a virtue.”

01:08Copy video clip URL He starts by talking about winning the championship game with the Bears and throwing his helmet into the stands. He wanted to lob it, but it caught on his fingers and he ended up throwing a line drive.

02:03Copy video clip URL O’Bradovich talks about playing in cold weather. Running around didn’t make it feel much warmer.

02:41Copy video clip URL More takes of throwing the helmet into the stands and back to O’Bradovich. At one point, the helmet cuts his hand. “I’ve got enough blood on this goddam field.”

03:30Copy video clip URL O’Bradovich talks to the two fans who caught the helmet when he originally threw it. They say there was a scramble for the helmet. O’Bradovich thanks them for returning the helmet.

04:49Copy video clip URL End of tape.


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  1. noah says:

    Ed was a stud….love this guy and I was a Baltimore Colts fan!

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