O’Hare: My Kind of Town

In November of 1986, Joe Cummings visits O'Hare Airport to discover just how O'Hare runs from the inside. He learns about the logistics, economics, food, as well as problems facing O'Hare in 1986.

00:00Copy video clip URL Start tape.

00:03Copy video clip URL Slate: “O’Hare my kind of town recorded November 3, 1986, length twenty nine minutes eight seconds with the underwriting message, produced by Ceaser and Weinberg, WTTW/11/CHICAGO”

00:16Copy video clip URL Countdown to start of program.

00:27Copy video clip URL “O’Hare My Kind of Town is made possible by the Dr. Scholl Foundation.”

00:37Copy video clip URL Opening title: “WTTW Chicago presents”

00:45Copy video clip URL Show begins: “Everyone is from somewhere else.” Montage of O’Hare Airport.

01:05Copy video clip URL Voice-over: “O’Hare Airport it’s big and busy–the busiest. It’s not exactly beautiful. In fact, it smells and it’s noisy but the people of O’Hare–that’s what makes it special.

01:24Copy video clip URL Title: “O’Hare My Kind of Town.”

01:55Copy video clip URL Medium shot of Joe Cummings as he introduces the segment. “In the next half hour, we’ll see O’Hare Airport in ways you’d never see it just passing through.”

02:11Copy video clip URL Establishing shot of O’Hare Control tower. Cummings: “This is the nerve center: the FAA control tower.”

02:23Copy video clip URL Cumming’s voice-over describes the inner workings of the control tower over images of air-traffic controllers communicating amongst themselves about flight paths.

03:09Copy video clip URL Introduction of the radar room. Cummings: “This is the radar room, where another sixteen or eighteen controls are in radio contact with all planes within a sixty mile radius of O’Hare.”

03:45Copy video clip URL Pilot Jim Damron discusses the relationship between pilots and the air-traffic controllers of O’Hare, praising them for the difficult job they have.

04:40Copy video clip URL FAA Administrator Ken Jackson describes the mindset of an air-traffic controller.

05:11Copy video clip URL Montage of airplanes.

06:33Copy video clip URL Cummings gives the history of O’Hare Airport.

07:23Copy video clip URL Cummings gives various statistics on what it takes to run O’Hare every day.

08:07Copy video clip URL Director of the International Terminal Cecilia Ice-Gipson presents the problem that O’Hare is too small for the number of people who move through it every day.

08:33Copy video clip URL Information Specialist Virginia Kruzel explains how O’Hare is funded.

09:12Copy video clip URL Cummings discusses the hierarchy of O’Hare.

10:12Copy video clip URL The various people who visit or work at O’Hare share their concerns about the airport.

10:53Copy video clip URL Montage of people walking in O’Hare.

12:05Copy video clip URL Cummings introduces Ginny Borowski, who deals in public relations at O’Hare.

13:01Copy video clip URL Cummings, employees, and patrons discuss the food at O’Hare.

16:16Copy video clip URL Montage of the various signs of O’Hare.

17:19Copy video clip URL Cummings discusses the convenience of the CTA for people heading to O’Hare.

18:00Copy video clip URL Employees and patrons discuss the homeless people living at O’Hare.

18:55Copy video clip URL Cummings introduces the topic of security at O’Hare. Employees talk about the give and take between safety and processing passengers.

22:30Copy video clip URL Montage of plane being prepared for takeoff.

23:21Copy video clip URL Cummings introduces United Airlines, “the busiest airline at the busiest airport.”

25:08Copy video clip URL Cummings introduces the new state of the art United Airlines terminal in O’Hare.

26:09Copy video clip URL Ken Jackson explains a new form of transportation at the airport called the People Mover.

26:30Copy video clip URL Montage of airplanes taking off and landing.

27:13Copy video clip URL Cummings introduces and interviews the employees of O’Hare.

28:39Copy video clip URL End credits

29:37Copy video clip URL End tape.



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