[O.J. Day – Camnet]

Interview footage with random people on the street after and before the OJ verdict is announced in 1995 to discuss their predictions.

00:09Copy video clip URL Interview with a bodyguard for celebrities about his desire to support OJ Simpson and help Robert Shapiro. He says he’s “not happy with the verdict…after spending a year and four months down there…I feel that OJ had something to do with the killing.” He discusses the reasons he disliked and distrusted OJ and Johnnie Cochran. 

06:07Copy video clip URL He talks about realizing OJ was guilty. He says that OJ is not OJ anymore but “OG…because he has killed.” Another woman outside the building keeps commenting about the rumors she’s heard about OJ.

10:21Copy video clip URL He talks about Rosey Greer telling him that OJ confessed to him and that Cochran gets along with OJ because he beat his wife. 

15:26Copy video clip URL He says that if OJ had been found guilty “those youngsters was gonna take it out on some white people…it was a planned situation,” violence that he is very against.

17:39Copy video clip URL The man gets upset that the other woman outside the store questions his validity. He discusses working with police officers and being in the Crips and Blood. 

21:07Copy video clip URL They go back to discussing the trial and Shapiro. 

24:27Copy video clip URL He talks about going to church and “having values” helping him to stay away from bad habits and violence.

29:56Copy video clip URL Title card reads “That Was the day after the verdict, sampson, taped at EP speed.”

30:02Copy video clip URL Title card reads “The Verdict, Predications & Reactions, taped with date stamp for reference.” 

30:11Copy video clip URL Interviewer talks to a man, Larry, about why he thinks OJ was innocent. He says that he’s “going home to watch it…it shouldn’t be [a matter of race].” Another man thinks it will be guilty because the “evidence is overwhelming.” Another woman thinks it’s “too much of a question” to find him guilty. 

33:07Copy video clip URL Inside a store, there are TVs showing coverage of the verdict and what people think. A worker in the store, Jason, thinks the verdict will be guilty, but he’s unsure if he really believes OJ is guilty. “Really, truthfully, only those people know,” he says.

36:28Copy video clip URL She talks to some other workers and people by the store about what they think and whether there will be riots. He said if there are riots it because they’re “people looking for an opportunity.”

43:35Copy video clip URL She finally finds another woman, Karen, to talk to who thinks that because “there are 9 women jurors on the jury” he will be found guilty. Another woman, actress Terri J. Vaughn, didn’t even know the verdict was coming out today but predicts not guilty. 

47:16Copy video clip URL She continues to ask people if they think he will be guilty and if there will be riots. 

57:48Copy video clip URL She returns to radio shack to wait for the verdict. They discuss how little people are outside because they are home watching. They listen to a police scanner, as well.

66:46Copy video clip URL The court comes onto TV as they say the jurors do not wish to speak to anyone after the verdict is announced. They all sit and watch the screen anxiously.

72:17Copy video clip URL The verdict is read and OJ is found not guilty. Lots of people in the courtroom are crying.

82:22Copy video clip URL She returns to talk to people outside about the verdict, including Vaughn who says “I told you.” Others are very disappointed in the verdict. She continues to walk around, with the general consensus being that the real victims are the families who have not gotten justice. One man thinks that without the media, OJ would have gone to jail.

119:50Copy video clip URL They talk about the involvement of race in people’s reactions to the verdict.

122:12Copy video clip URL She shows more footage from the Radio Shack. Saying that maybe one the men she talked to was right and the trial has taken over everyone’s lives.

123:22Copy video clip URL She continues to get reactions from people and often returns to talk to the same people. One man predicts murder rates will go up. 

142:11Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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