[Pacific Ocean/ Oregon / Redwood Forest]

Images of the Pacific Ocean and the coastline and forests of the Pacific Northwest.

00:06Copy video clip URL A large deer feeding on grass in an open field near the beach. 

04:17Copy video clip URL The foggy Oregon coastline. More deer arrive. 

08:26Copy video clip URL The skyline and the hills lining the beach. The crescent moon, visible in the daytime. More deer calmly wandering the hills, feeding. The sun starting to set over the hills. 

15:30Copy video clip URL A family on the beach as the sun continues setting.

20:04Copy video clip URL Dudley Evenson seated on the beach facing the waves, moving slowly. Footage of waves. The sun sets. 

27:50Copy video clip URL A sunny beach. Children play in the sand. The sun starts to set and the sky grows pink and dark. 

33:15Copy video clip URL Shots of the foggy coastline. 

34:58Copy video clip URL A sun sets over the ocean. 

43:26Copy video clip URL Tall trees filmed from below, the sun shining through the trees. Spider webs catching the light. 

58:35Copy video clip URL A stream in the forest leading out to the ocean. Zooming out from the ocean from a hill bordering it. 



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