[Old commercial reel #2]

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0:00 Tape starts in the middle of commercial. Bardahl, a car product, animated commercial that imitates detective crime show.

1:06 C-124 plane flying over icy mountains. GCA – Ground Control Approach. We see the workings of GCA. Delco emergency generator saves the day when power goes out. Misson Accomplished through GCA and Delco dry charge battery power.

4:17 Animated commercial with jingle for Speedway 79 Power Fuel.

5:27 Animated car drives. Esso Extra gasoline stops cool weather stalling. Imperial Esso Dealer.

6:28 Chevron Supreme premium fuel sold at Calso station. Animated.

7:35 Animated man who is very jittery walks into bank. Personal loan at Bank of America will stop those jitters.

8:0 2 “This is the story of a man named Jock.” Animated ad for Yellow Pages. Rhymed story of how Yellow Pages saved the day for Jock and Mary.

9:04 Animated crows sing. Robert Hall Family Clothes.

9:28 US Keds. Animated. Clown named Kedso sings Keds song. The Shoe of Champions.

10:32 Still photographs of woman with song about stockings and how you have to wear them in the summer too. “A lady isn’t dressed unless her legs are too.” Chemstrand Corporation, makers of fine nylon.

11:38 Woman drops two portable radios from the top of a ladder. RCA Victor portable radio in non-breakable impact case survives the fall. 5 yr guarantee. No chipping, no cracking, no breaking.

12:47 Bulova Clipper tackles Niagra Falls. Watch goes over the Falls and comes out fine. Lyle Van, newscaster, claims to have covered the story. 17 jewels. Winds automatically, antimagnetic, expansion band, waterproof. $49.50

13:47 Westinghouse Studio One. Balancing Act. Woman carries something in pan while trying to defrost. New refrigerator doesn’t have to be defrosted. Woman can’t open refrigerator, which doesn’t seem intentional. Magic counter button tells how many times door has been opened and when it hits the right amount, it automatically defrosts itself. Door opens at the push of a button. Freezer holds 56 pounds of food, which will last the average family 2 weeks. You can be sure if it ‘ s Westinghouse.

16:41 Westinghouse Studio One. Automatic washer trial. Four of America’s leading automatic washers. Four women from Federation of Women’s Clubs are there to ensure a fair trial. Women load four clean white towels and two cups of dirty sand and detergent. Close washer and start. The results of the test will be revealed at the end of the program.

19:08 End of Westinghouse commercial. Westinghouse machine has a revolving agitator versus the old-fashioned center post agitators in the other three machines. Machine X comes out very dirty and with piles of sand. Y is worse. Z is just as bad. Westinghouse comes out clean. No sand on towels or in machine. You can see the test at dealer. You can be sure if it’s Westinghouse.

22:07 Factory machines work. Man singing song about steel and automobiles. Dodge commercial. How many dreams can you shape in a minute – ask the people at Dodge. Men and women working together to bring metals alive.

25:20 Headlights. Task Force 57 Chevrolet trucks are here. Champs of the Alcan run. Mountains out West. Rhymed description of the ride. We see the different models. Fighting dust, fighting time on the long northern climb. Bad storm. Automatic transmission. 72 hour drive in 45 hours.

29:10 Man rollerskates to work. Another fun way to travel. Renault Dophine. Little car with balloons. Maneuvers in traffic, accelerates and climbs, 40 miles per gallon, parking is easy. Handy as roller skates and twice the fun. Two different horns for city driving and country driving.

30:14 Chevrolet. Man and woman dance and sing in the clouds on top of Chevrolet symbols about subliminal advertising. Chevrolet 1959 models flash for an instant. The new models will be in stores on Thursday October 16.

32:11 Son going out on a date in a suit with a bow tie. Someone wrote, “go slow” on his car. Says good-bye to family. He sees a better car near his and gets jealous. Dad gives son car keys. Convertible. Him and date in car. Chevrolet Impala. What a gal, what a night, what a car.

34:31 Chevrolet. Little girl sitting in car. Boy looks at her and likes her, they make faces. Dad sees car and considers it. Mom has trouble closing door of their old car. They look at new Chevy. They try it out and they all like it. The door closes perfectly the first time. Fun to see, fun to drive, fun to buy.

36:47 Man on stage gets Lipton soup brought to him on tray. Makes jokes about vase. Chicken noodle. Make it from envelope. Lipton. 10 minutes to cook, 4-6 servings. Green pea, vegetable, onion. What you buy is ingredients and you really cook it – its homemade, not like from a can. Except that truly homemade soup would take hours, but you do it in 10 minutes. It takes longer than cans, but the extra effort is worth it. Just try it and see.

41:02 Ritz crackers. Rhyme.

41:28 Animated man does commercial for animated camera. Heinz Worcester sauce. Man can’t pronounce the word.

42:36 50-60 years ago was the first time people were introduced to peanut butter. Kids liked it, but Ma and Pa saw several drawbacks – it was oily, sticky, didn’t stay fresh long, didn’t taste like peanuts, didn’t digest well. Then Skippy came around in 1933. Looked different, smelled different, tasted different. Nothing in common with old style.

44:14 Animated popcorn pieces sing. E-Z Pop pops in its own pan. Oil, salt already in the container.

45:20 Animated woman walks on treadmill that covers her whole floor. She ‘ s too busy. Too late to make dessert. No! Jello instant pudding. Just add milk and beat. You can make it while the children are clearing table or have kids themselves make it. Jello is the “busy day dessert.”

46:25 Animated chicken and egg that changes shapes. Kroger sells perfect eggs and as fresh as the hen can make them. Cackling fresh eggs.

48:33 Baby sleeping. Lullaby song. Mom holds baby, who yawns, naked. Baby sleeps. “Your baby. Yours to love, protect, care for. ” The baby deserves the best – Pet evaporated milk.

49:02 John and Marcia animated. John eats something that clangs inside, which apparently represents Marcia ‘ s bad cooking. Marcia cries to Granny. She recommends Snowdrift shortening by Wesson Oil. Marcia brings out a cake and the man loves it.

50:06 Boxing match with dummies. Animated dog named Farfel. Dummy gets knocked out and drinks Nestle Quick, which invigorates him.

51:13 Animated baby in cowboy outfit. Maypo is the new breakfast cereal. Oatmeal. Kid fights abut not being able to have his hat on at the table. Maypo is maple flavored. The kid loves it even though he hates oatmeal.

52:20 Animated. Soup factory. Demonstrate how they split peas for the soup in the factory. It is done individually for each pea. Robert Pea Soup Andersen. Secret ingredient is time.

53:29 Ancient Chinese pantomine. Jello commercial. Man talks in offensive parody of Chinese accent. Chinese baby can’t eat Jello with chopsicks. Great western invention of spoon. Chinese baby “ve-lly happy.”

54:32 Man asks who gets to make the coffee in your home. He says that he makes it because Instant Maxwell House is so amazing. Not a powder or a grind, but flavor buds. He shows us how to make it. Save 75 cents compared to 3 pounds ground coffee.

56:03 Tea being poured. This is tea filling a cup, not with indigestion, not with nerves, not with sleepless nights. This is tea. Steamy hot hearty delicious invigorating. The lift that leaves you with a nice warm glow. So good so good for you. Take tea and see. Paid for by the Tea Council.

57:07 Puppets. Wilkins Instant Coffee.

57 :24 Land of sky blue waters. Hamm’s: the beer refreshing. Animated animals beat out song reminiscent of Native American songs.

58:53 Animated. Tired man comes home from work with jingle about him. We see him relaxing after work while his wife does a bunch of rough chores. Then she brings him out a Carling Black Label beer.

1:00:01 Animated man does radio report for hockey game in Madison Square Garden. Interviews a player named Monsieur Dupree who speaks only French. Interviewer pretends he understands what he says. Instant refreshment.

1:01:09 Rich man and woman discuss where they met. They have been all around the world. Schweppes quinine water. He won ‘ t drink any other tonic. This one has Scweppavescence.

1:02:17 Rheingold extra dry lager beer. Beer bottles/cans dance and sing in parade.

1:02:41 Tape ends abruptly in the middle of commercial.



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